A 2 Peter Bibliography -- By: John Snyder

Journal: Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Volume: JETS 22:3 (Sep 1979)
Article: A 2 Peter Bibliography
Author: John Snyder

A 2 Peter Bibliography

John Snyder*

Apart from the literary twin of 2 Peter—the letter of Jude—the epistle in our canon that historically has been attributed to the apostle Peter has received probably the least scholarly attention in the twentieth century, if one compares the literary output dedicated specifically to the exposition of the epistle with the frequency of its citation in support of various NT theories. This is understandable in view of the position that the document held in the canon at the opening of this century—namely, its assumed second-century pseudepigraphic origin, its alleged inferiority to 1 Peter, and—perhaps most of all—its easy accommodation to the increasingly popular Naherwartung theory of NT development, so axiomatic for mid-twentieth-century Biblical theology.

Neglect spawns neglect, and it is certain that one of the main reasons why studies in 2 Peter stagnated is the lack of readily available published material on the epistle. Under normal research procedures one would be fortunate to discover more than a dozen articles written within the last fifty years. It is hoped that the following collection of articles, special studies and dissertations (minus commentaries) will help to stimulate a more aggressive and creative study of this still valuable letter.

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