The New Testament And Greco-Roman Rhetoric: A Bibliographical Update -- By: Duane F. Watson

Journal: Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Volume: JETS 33:4 (Dec 1990)
Article: The New Testament And Greco-Roman Rhetoric: A Bibliographical Update
Author: Duane F. Watson

The New Testament And Greco-Roman Rhetoric:
A Bibliographical Update

Duane F. Watson*

Rhetorical criticism continues to grow as a subdiscipline of Biblical studies. As the rhetorical discipline defines itself more precise]y, as more sources come to light in new studies, and as new works themselves proliferate, the need for collecting bibliographical references mounts. The following bibliography pertaining to NT rhetoric supplements and updates the one offered in JETS 31/4 (December 1988) 465–472.

I. Ancient Rhetorical Theory: Primary Sources

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II. The Role Of Rhetoric In The Greco-Roman World

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Conley, Thomas M. “The Enthymeme in Perspective.” Quarterly Journal of Speech 70 (1984) 168-187.

* Duane Watson is assistant professor of New Testament and Greek at Malone College in Canton, Ohio.

Duncan, Thomas S. “Gorgias’ Theories of Art.” Classical Journal 33 (1938) 402-415.

Fehling, Detlev. “Zur Funktion und Formgeschichte des Proömiums in der älteren griechischen Prosa.” ΔΩPHMA: Dauer und Überleben des antiken Geistes. Athens: Griechische Humanistische Gesellschaft, 1975, 61–75.

Fiske, G. C. Lucilius and Horace: A Study in the Classical Theory of Imitation. Madison: University of Wisconsin, 1920; reprint, Greenwood, 1971.

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