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Journal: Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Volume: JETS 34:2 (Jun 1991)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Passover: Before Messiah and After. By Donna and Mal Broadhurst. Carol Stream: Shofar, 1987, 238 pp., n.p.

The vitally interesting subject matter of this publication on the theme of Passover cannot be examined in isolation, so its authors share their careful Biblical research from the Old and New Testaments. The Passover and its message become intertwined throughout Scripture with the major theme of the redemption of God through Jesus Christ. Nine chapters contain the authors’ excellent readable exposition before and after the Messiah’s last-supper Passover.

Paul’s theological explanations of Passover found in i Cor 5:7–8; 11:23–25 are clearly stated. John’s vision from the Lord as recorded in Revelation 19, the marriage supper of the Lamb, is pictured as the eternal feast of redemption.

The Broadhursts’ treatment of post-Biblical religious traditions provides scholarly summaries of Gentile Passover beginnings and endings as well as the Jewish Passover haggadah and messianic Jewish seders.

Three appendices in the book treat technical matters including such primary documents of Passover as the Elephantine documents, QL, the pseudepigraphal books, and Megillat Taʿanit; a vivid description of the manner in which the Samaritans observe Passover; and a treatment of the “So-Called ‘Gospels’ Passover Discrepancies.’” The chart picturing “Jewish Roman Days Overlap” reflects careful study. A bibliography of over 125 books and articles on Passover is included.

This book is a must for the serious student, nonreligious, Christian or Jewish.

C. S. Cadwallader, Jr.

The Church in the Bible and the World: An International Study. Edited by D. A. Carson. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1987, xi + 359 pp., n.p.

This book is the second volume to be produced by the Faith and Church study unit of the World Evangelical Fellowship (the first being Biblical Interpretation and the Church: Text and Context). The seven papers that comprise the book emerged from a meeting held at Cambridge, England, in 1984. As is to be expected in a compilation of this nature the contributions vary in quality and significance, but I found most of them to be worthwhile reading in a doctrine (ecclesiology) on which the evangelical movement has been notoriously weak.

The book leads off with a solid study by E. P. Clowney on “The Biblical Theology of the Church.” Clowney manages to achieve amazing depth at spots in a b...

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