Guest Editorial -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Volume: JETS 38:1 (Mar 1995)
Article: Guest Editorial
Author: Anonymous

Guest Editorial

Doubtless all who have read the pages of this Journal have echoed at one time or another the words of Qohelet when he concluded that “of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body” (Eccl 12:12). Study and books, however, are not evils to be avoided in principle. Indeed, two apostles had much more positive views of these than did Qohelet (Luke 1:3–4; John 20:31). Study of The Book points the way to a life-changing encounter with the one true, living, eternal God.

JETS is the journal of an academic society whose members value such study and The Book. Its articles provide outlets for evangelical authors to explore Biblical truths and for readers to learn from them. It is a proper forum for exploring deep and often difficult matters, and I am encouraged to see the quality of its articles improving year by year.

But JETS also has a book review ministry, and it has been my privilege to serve as its book review editor for Bible since May 1994. This review ministry is equally (or, for some readers, more) important. As often as not, readers turn to the book reviews of a journal first and then read a few of its articles later.

Here the ministry of JETS is multifaceted. By listing all books received from publishers and by reviewing as many of these as possible and are worthy, JETS allows authors and publishers to receive valuable publicity and feedback about their books. Furthermore, and more importantly, the book reviews in JETS allow the busy scholar, pastor and student to keep up somewhat in their own areas of interest and to see what is going on in other areas as well. Good reviews often are the catalysts for people’s decisions as to whether to buy or read particular books.

There are several ways in which I hope to contribute to JETS’ ministry. First, I shall be selective concerning books for review. Not all books published about the Bible deserve a review in JETS. This is the academic publishing organ of an academic society, and my intent is to focus on high-quality academic books of all types in the broad areas of Biblical studies. JETS will continue to review both evangelical and nonevangelical works. It should reflect back to scholars outside its own theological circles what is good and what is chaff in their work, and it should be a vehicle taken seriously outside these circles. But it will also highlight works by evangelical scholars (which are often ignored by nonevangelical journals) and do the same reflecting for them. The focus will be primarily on books relating broadly to the OT and NT from a rigor...

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