Guest Editorial -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Volume: JETS 39:1 (Mar 1996)
Article: Guest Editorial
Author: Anonymous

Guest Editorial

The Evangelical Theological Society Monograph Series (ETSMS) was inaugurated to provide a publishing outlet for conservative scholarship that might not find such a venue elsewhere, whether due to a theological position that was not welcome in other forums or to covering a topic not having a broad enough sales potential to attract publishers needing to turn a profit. These goals were laudable at the beginning of the venture and still have merit, even though there are several other organizations and institutions sharing some of them. Academic publishers see the need to provide an outlet for scholarly works that will not pay for their production but that are valuable as contributions to understanding and furthering a discipline. Examples of these are Scholars Press and Shefield Academic Press, whose dissertation series have launched the publishing career of a number of writers. It is a pleasure to see significant works by evangelicals, including members of this Society, appearing there, at times providing significant light and salt in an environment that can be somewhat dark and tasteless.

There still is a need for an outlet such as that provided by the ETSMS, however, a need that we are still eager to fill. But we must precede our eagerness with an apology. A hiatus of eight years has occurred since the last monograph was published, and some manuscripts have gathered dust for too long a period of time without action. For this we apologize to the authors and the Society. By the time this editorial appears, however, we will have available our third monograph, a guide to reference systems of the works of Josephus. We have also established an editorial advisory council, consisting of Paul House and Winfried Corduan, professors of Old Testament and theology respectively at Taylor University, and Robert Yarbrough, professor of New Testament at Covenant Theological Seminary. They will assist in keeping the publishing process flowing. I as editor on behalf of the committee solicit manuscripts, not only theses but also more mature works of seasoned scholars. We will undertake to have a response as to our interest in your manuscript within a month of receipt, with a realistic estimate of when the work might appear, depending on editorial work needing to be done upon it.

Two new developments have also been initiated. A leading evangelical publisher has agreed to provide us an ETSMS imprint within their list, which will greatly assist in matters of editing and marketing. We also hope to establish an Evangelical Theological Society Proceedings Series, in which conference proceedings not only of our own Society but also of other meetings that are compatible with our statement of faith and the ethos of the Society may appear.

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