Reports Relating To The Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting Of The Society -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Volume: JETS 39:1 (Mar 1996)
Article: Reports Relating To The Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting Of The Society
Author: Anonymous

Reports Relating To The Forty-Seventh
Annual Meeting Of The Society

The forty-seventh annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 16-18, 1995. It was by far the largest ETS meeting ever held. The total registration of 1,192 broke the previous year’s record by more than three hundred. The Philadelphia Airport Radisson Hotel was the comfortable meeting site. Over two hundred papers were presented. Participants from around the world came to fellowship, exchange ideas, critique one another and keep up with the most recent scholarship in their disciplines.

President-elect Robert C. Newman served as program chairman and put together a superb array of speakers on the conference theme, “Defending the Faith: Christian Apologetics in a Non-Christian World.” Plenary speakers were J. P. Moreland on defending the faith philosophically, Gary Habermas on defending the faith historically, Charles B. Thaxton on defending the faith scientifically and Thomas C. Oden on defending the faith theologically. Hundreds of parallel sessions were conducted on apologetic themes as well as other disciplines such as OT and NT, theology, missions, archeology and much more. Parallel programs were conducted by the Evangelical Philosophical Society, the Evangelical Missiological Society, the Near East Archaeological Society and the Adventist Theological Society. Study groups were held in the areas of dispensationalism, hermeneutics, and literary studies.

Over five hundred persons enjoyed the food and fare of the annual fellowship banquet on Thursday evening. Afterwards George W. Knight, III, delivered his ETS presidential address, “The Scriptures Were Written for Our Instruction.” A straw poll was taken regarding holding the annual meeting in Jerusalem in the year AD 2000. The results were slightly negative, but a full questionnaire will be circulated to all members of the Society in early 1996.

Forty-seven display tables, featuring the latest books and computer software, adorned the prefunction area of the Radisson. Business was brisk, and many suitcases were heavier on the return trip home.

During the first business session president Knight welcomed the attenders, and president-elect Newman gave a brief devotional. Following the adoption of the agenda James Borland, secretary-treasurer, presented the membership and financial reports:

Membership Report

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