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Journal: Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Volume: JETS 48:1 (Mar 2005)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

The Dead Sea Scrolls Concordance. Vol. 1: The Non-Biblical Texts from Qumran. By Martin G. Abegg, with James E. Bowley and Edward M. Cook, in consultation with Emmanuel Tov. 2 parts. Leiden: Brill, 2003, xvii + 958 pp., $299.00.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Concordance (DSSC) is marketed as a single volume in two parts. Each part is separately bound resulting in two large, handsome products, as one has come to expect from Brill. Part 1 contains a general introduction (pp. ix-xviii), a key to the sigla (p. xix), and the Hebrew concordance to Qumran non-biblical texts from Aleph to Mem (pp. 1-498). Part 2 contains the Hebrew concordance from Nun-Tav (pp. 499-771), the Aramaic concordance (pp. 773-946), and the Greek concordance (pp. 947-52). Part 2 also contains two appendices: Appendix I is a concordance of signs for numbers (pp. 953-56) and Appendix II records typographical and transcriptional errors in the text editions (pp. 957-58).

This is the first publication of a concordance of all non-biblical Qumran texts (Hebrew, Aramaic, Nabatean-Aramaic, and Greek) in one publication. Therefore it serves as an index for all the volumes of the Discoveries in the Judaean Desert (DJD) series and other publications of Qumran texts. The concordance was independently produced, though it acknowledges careful comparison with all concordances published in individual DJD volumes and Kuhn's Konkordanz zu den Qumrantexten (Gottingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1960). It has effectively replaced Charlesworth's Graphic Concordance to the Dead Sea Scrolls (Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck, 1991), which only includes texts published before 1990 and is based on 223 Qumran texts and over 3,500 fragments with over 59,000 entries. The DSSC has by far surpassed that work, as it contains 3,771 Hebrew, 1,930 Aramaic, and 36 Greek words. There are a total of 111,141 entries in Hebrew, 21,628 in Aramaic, and 65 in Greek. In addition, there are 307 number signs for a total of 133,141 entries of extant words in the non-biblical Qumran corpus (p. xi).

In addition to DJD entries, the DSSC covers other important editions of texts, such as those of CD, lQpHab, lQapGen, 1QS, 1QM, lQHa, and 11Q19. This volume focuses on non-biblical texts, though biblical quotations, lemmas in pesher texts, and 4QRe-worked Pentateuch (4Q158, 4Q364–4Q367) and 4Q522 22–25 are fully concorded. It also includes forty-one Cave IV texts which have not yet been published in DJD. Also covered are the psalms that are not present in the MT collection of 150 Psalms but included in what might otherwise be categorized as biblical manuscripts (4Q88 VII, 14-DX,15; X,4–15; 11Q5 XVIII, 1-XIX, 18; XXI,11-XXII,15; XXTV,3–17; XXVI,9–15; XXVII,2-lla; XXVIII,4–14; and 11Q6 4...

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