The Church’s Response To The Homosexual -- By: Mark McGinniss

Journal: Journal of Ministry and Theology
Volume: JMAT 14:2 (Fall 2010)
Article: The Church’s Response To The Homosexual
Author: Mark McGinniss

The Church’s Response To The Homosexual

Mark McGinniss

Assistant Professor of Old Testament,

Languages and Exegesis

Baptist Bible Seminary, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

Introduction: Responses To Homosexuals1

Gays are “getting married,” “are more dangerous than guns in Florida,” “are promiscuous,” “are pedophiles,” “are immoral,” “are perverts,” “are discriminated against,” “are gay because they are possessed by demons spirits,” “are sinners,” “are worse than terrorists,” “are around 10% of the population,” “are

closeted Dems,” “are infiltrating our city councils,” “are retarded,” “are hated,” “are politically unpopular,” “are taking over,” “are excellent parents,” “are sick people,” “are okay,” “are a threat to the family,” “are going to hell,” “are an abomination.”2 These are just some of the responses Google revealed concerning those who are homosexuals.

The response to homosexuals from two African countries goes well beyond mere words. Uganda, which is eighty-five percent Christian,3 has made the American news of late because of its governmental push to pass legislation designed to toughen existing criminal penalties against homosexuality.4 The proposed new law would increase jail time for homosexuality from fourteen years to life in prison and in some cases even includes the death penalty. According to a Reuters Video interview, Pepe, a gay rights advocate in Uganda, claims that this new law would also make it a crime if someone did not report a known homosexual to authorities.5

A New York Times article reports that in Nigeria, “Lawmakers are debating a bill that would ban any form of association with a homosexual, even sharing a meal.”6 To strengthen one’s penal code is a very specific response to homosexuality.

The church has had its own spectrum of responses to the issue of homosexuality as well. Although no less controversial than an African jail sentence, Westboro Baptist Church makes it a ministry to protest against homosexuals seemingly anywhere in the country.7 In 1997 the Southern Baptists responded to one

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