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Journal: Journal of Dispensational Theology
Volume: JODT 10:31 (Dec 2006)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

The Book of Proverbs (Chapters 1–15), by Bruce K. Waltke, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans Publishing, 2004, 693pp., hardback, $50.00

The Book of Proverbs (Chapters 15–31), by Bruce K. Waltke, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans Publishing, 2005, 589pp., hardback, $50.00

This massive work of Proverbs in 2 volumes is part of the New International Commentary of the Old Testament (Eerdmans) edited by Robert L. Hubbard Jr. Bruce Waltke is professor emeritus of biblical studies at Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia, and professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Oviedo, Florida. Dr. Waltke has been working on this truly exegetical commentary for more than twenty-five years. For those working with BHS text (Hebrew) this will bring some clear understanding to those seemingly difficult passages tying them together. Technically, even Massoretic accents are brought into focus. But this work also puts the cookies on the shelves for anyone interested in a deeper meaning of Proverbs. No one should feel intimidated by a great Hebrew scholar dealing directly with Scripture in the original language. Bruce Waltke brings understanding to many passages with his easy reading style. There should be something here for everyone interested in a deeper understanding of the Proverbs. This reviewer believes this will be a standard to many years to come.

Dave Olander

The Portable Seminary, David Horton General Editor, Bethany House, 2006, 784pp., hardback, $34.99

The Portable Seminary has as its writers the Portable Seminary “Faculty” which includes over 60 mostly prominent writers and theologians. This works brings together an international faculty of evangelical Christian scholars and practitioners writing on subjects such as: theology, biblical languages and interpretation, background and survey of Old and New Testaments, Christian history, apologetics and world religions, missions, Christian education, leadership, Christian ethics, and more. The disclosed purpose is to offer an introduction, an overview, to graduate levels of education related to the mentioned areas plus much more. This includes those who are in ministry, who have not had time or opportunity for graduate study, or for laypersons interested in a deeper theological knowledge and understanding. This work has a virtual plethora of information for anyone and an extensive bibliography at the end of each chapter’s endnotes. It is not a systematic theology nor does it claim to be. The various authors are from very diverse theologies and backgrounds. One must keep this in mind, yet most of the presentations are

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