Origin Of The Constellations At Babel -- By: Jonathan F. Henry

Journal: Journal of Dispensational Theology
Volume: JODT 12:35 (Mar 2008)
Article: Origin Of The Constellations At Babel
Author: Jonathan F. Henry

Origin Of The Constellations At Babel

Jonathan F. Henry, Ph.D.

Professor of Natural Science, Clearwater Christian College
Chair, Division of Science, Clearwater Christian College

Why do diverse cultures have similar constellations? Is there a Gospel in the stars? If the biblical account of the dispersion from Babel were true, peoples from Babel would communicate common ideas that might survive today in the cultures they founded after the dispersion. From a biblical point of view, therefore, any common denominator among diverse modern cultures is a possible indication that all peoples really did once live at a single place identified in the Bible as Babel.1 However, in today’s secular culture, nothing is supposed to point back to the true history of the Bible, especially to the creation, the Flood, or the dispersion from Babel.2 Indications from science and history that the Bible might be accurate are vigorously denied, particularly for the events in Genesis chapters 111.3 Consequently, it is claimed, “Different cultures do not have more or less the same constellations, beyond what is expected from the few most striking star groups like the Big Dipper and Orion.” Or, it may be admitted that most cultures recognize more or less the same constellations, followed by the claim: “They do today, dominated by Western culture, but did not in the past.”4

*The crucial assistance of Mr. Michael Clater, head librarian at Clearwater Christian College, in locating original versions of the old documents cited herein is gratefully acknowledged.

Though no two cultures share constellations identical in every detail, nevertheless there are deep and basic similarities that have attracted the attention of secular researchers who do not give any credence to Genesis 111. Emphasizing the differences cannot erase the similarities, and these similarities are too wide-ranging to be the result of coincidence alone. The truth is that the constellations are due to Nimrod, were common knowledge at Babel, and have since been preserved amongst the world’s cultures.5 6 Such a conclusion has implications for dispensational theology. Some have claimed that the constellations were...

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