Editorial -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Journal of Dispensational Theology
Volume: JODT 19:58 (Winter 2015)
Article: Editorial
Author: Anonymous


Winter is a special time of the year for it includes the collective time in which to celebrate the miracle of Christ’s birth. Luke (the evangelist) was quite careful to affix the Lord’s birthday in the context of actual history, in addition to a true world and genuine locale; however, whether Christ was born anywhere close to the 25th of December is not important. What is significant is that the Lord was born — that He actually came from eternity past into time on earth, and that He lived on earth and died in the place of sinners for the purpose of justifying them — that is what makes all the difference. Hallelujah, the gospel message of eternal salvation by God’s grace through faith in Christ Jesus is true! The gospel is not a spiritual myth, or a merely pleasant story, neither of which could save humanity from sin.

Quietness surrounded the Lord’s birth, not the kind of any other nativity that would have been characterized by great fanfare. The Lord Jesus came in utter weakness and profound humility. The response — “no room at the inn” — was not an insult to the Lord because it was his choice; in other words, it was the way of the gospel. In the Lord’s humility, He never considered equality with God something to be grasped or selfishly sought (Phil 2:5–7). Jesus “emptied himself, taking the form of a bond-servant.” He obediently took the judgment that sinners deserved by dying on behalf of fallen humanity. The gospel message is truly astonishing and humbling news.

God promised redemption and restoration, and He has confirmed it with his perfect timing. The day of the Lord’s birth arrived so that salvation might come and overwhelm humanity with grace, love, and mercy. Of all people, Christians are the most beloved because they are those upon whom God’s favor abides forever — all because of what He has accomplished on their behalf. Praise the Lord many times!

From the cradle to the cross, Christ Jesus proved himself to be the most wonderful, merciful Savior, living in the place of sinners and dying on their behalf. Jesus is so easy to be loved, and so worthy of adoration. Christians eagerly anticipate the day when “every knee will bow” and “every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God, the Father” (Phil 2:10–11). What a wonderful message to captivate one’s thoughts during this time of year!! We trust that the articles in this issue, beginning as they are with emphasis upon the greatness of the Savior, and then addressing eschatological, missiological, and soteriological themes — in addition to the helpful book reviews for discernment and enrichment — will stimulate your thinking during this blessed time of the year and into 2016 ...

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