Christ: The Divine Solution For The Human Problem -- By: Samuiel Bâlc

Journal: Journal of Dispensational Theology
Volume: JODT 19:58 (Winter 2015)
Article: Christ: The Divine Solution For The Human Problem
Author: Samuiel Bâlc

Christ: The Divine Solution For The Human Problem

Samuiel Bâlc

* Samuiel Balc, Ph.D., pastor, Sibiu, Romania; and, professor, Baptist Theological Institute, Bucharest

In his plan which God put together from all eternity, He prepared everything that was necessary for the rehabilitation of mankind who had fallen into sin. The central point of this divine plan was the sacrifice of atonement for sin through his only Son through whom He would secure the redemption of man. Through his life and work, Christ fulfilled the greatest mission ever, while offering at the same time a worthy model to be followed in every Christian missionary activity. By carefully reading through the Holy Scriptures, as well as other Christian authors, it can be affirmed without reservation the fact that Christ was, is, and remains the unique solution for the human problem.

In the course of time, people have distinguished themselves by the response they have given to the question: “Who is Jesus?” The majority of people accept the existence of Jesus, the fact that He lived and taught others as no one else. The person of the Lord Jesus Christ, however, represents more than just an historical reality. Christ was, is, and remains the divine solution for the human problem, a fact that is also evident from the first book of the Bible (Gen. 3:15). Because his teaching was radical, it also inflamed much opposition. However, as remarked Sterie Diamandi:

Whenever He speaks to the crowd announcing and explaining the Kingdom of God, the listeners sense the shiver of eternity, a sublime religious enthusiasm, the splendor of moral beauty and the impetuous tumult of aspiration for perfection. The words of Jesus are like lightning which fills the night. In a flash across the darkness tearing it apart, it sees the high peaks which pierce the heavens and the heights by which the soul is lain bare with contemplation of the most wonderful views that the universe and life can offer.1

The person and work of Jesus have generated and continue to generate a multitude of opinions which were intended to clarify but which

instead have created a certain amount of confusion. Bowman and Komoszewski identified this issue in their book Putting Jesus in His Place as follows:

The different interpretations which have been given to Jesus are loaded with prejudice. He is a powerful figure who people desire to have on their side T and who are ready to recreate according to their own image in order to assure His help. . . . I have a sense — in which I am not able to escape T th...

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