A Call To The Wedding Celebration: An Exposition of Matthew 22:1-14 -- By: Gregory P. Sapaugh

Journal: Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society
Volume: JOTGES 05:1 (Spring 1992)
Article: A Call To The Wedding Celebration: An Exposition of Matthew 22:1-14
Author: Gregory P. Sapaugh

A Call To The Wedding Celebration:
An Exposition of Matthew 22:1-14

Gregory P. Sapaugh

Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church
Starkville, Mississippi

I. Introduction

This article is an exposition of Matt 22:1–14, commonly referred to as the parable of the wedding celebration.1 It is one of twelve parables in Matthew concerning “the kingdom of heaven” and one of three which speak of “the darkness outside.” The prevailing interpretation of the passage is that it concerns the loss of eternal salvation. But a close analysis of the details of the parable yields some problems with this position.

The goal of the article is to give an exposition that fits the details and imagery of the parable, and which is in harmony with the context of Matthew and the teaching of the NT.

II. Exposition

1. The Setting of Matt 22:1–14

The Context of the Parable

Matthew’s parable occurs in the midst of great conflict between Jesus and the Jewish religious authorities. The Lord has made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem (21:1–11) and has vented His indignation on the moneychangers, buyers, and sellers in the temple (21:12–17). Following the incident of Jesus cursing the fig tree in 21:18–22, the chief priests and elders confront Jesus with a question concerning His authority (21:23). After confounding them with a question of His own (21:24–27), Jesus responds with three parables.

The first parable, in 21:28–32, condemns the leaders for not heeding the message of John the Baptist. In the second parable, 21:33–44, Jesus compares the authorities to some wicked vinedressers who kill the son of the owner of the vineyard. The final parable of this trilogy—our passage here—is the parable of the wedding celebration. What follows

through 22:40 are the efforts of the Pharisees, Herodians, and Sadducees to trap Jesus with difficult questions so as to find some charge against Him. Knowing their intentions, Jesus skillfully answers each one and then follows with a question of His own concerning the identity of the Son of David (22:41–45). Acco...

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