Periodical Reviews -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society
Volume: JOTGES 05:1 (Spring 1992)
Article: Periodical Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Periodical Reviews

The Emmaus Journal: Biblical Studies Under the Auspices of the Faculty of Emmaus Bible College. Vol. 1, No. 1. Fall 1991. 96 pp. Edited by John H. Fish III.

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Emmaus Bible College, the faculty has started The Emmaus Journal. It is “a bi-annual publication of the faculty and alumni of Emmaus Bible College devoted to the exposition of the Bible, biblical doctrines, and practical issues from a biblical perspective.”

In his opening editorial, John H. Fish III expresses the need for such a journal to promote greater Bible study among the College’s main constituency, the Brethren Assemblies. While this is the targeted readership, I believe all who are Bible-lovers and premillennial would benefit spiritually and intellectually from this new journal. While one can hardly expect the Journal to be as “grace” oriented as JOTGES, the Dean of Education, David A. Glock, told this reviewer in a telephone conversation that the journal would come down on the Free Grace, not the Lordship Salvation, side.

Like the JOTGES editorial board, The Emmaus Journal felt that Marvin Rosenthal’s The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church called for an in-depth review. Dr. Fish’s Review is fair, irenic, and includes a helpful chart. He concludes that Rosenthal’s time of starting God’s wrath is too late, and that the entire 7-year period of Daniel’s 70th week must be considered a time of tribulation, though the term “the Great Tribulation” best designates the latter half.

Other articles, all well-conceived and executed, are: “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6:1–8),” by the Assistant Editor, David J. MacLeod; “An Exposition of the Letter to the Church in Laodicea,” by Kenneth A. Daughters; “The Centrality of the Lord’s Supper in the Life of the Assembly,” by David A. Glock (all faculty members); “A Theology of Leadership,” by Emmaus’s President, Daniel H. Smith; and “Dwarfs on the Shoulders of Giants: The Value of Historical Theology for Today,” by Alan W. Gomes, a faculty member at Talbot School of Theology (see next review).

The book reviews include The NIV Reconsidered, by Earl Radmacher and Zane Hodges, and The Believer’s Bible Commentary

(NT; OT released February of this year), by William MacDonald and edited by this reviewer. Some reviews are too laudatory of Puritan-Reformed books for most GES members.

Except for some spacing faults and a couple of Greek words apparently not “hellenized” from computer fo...

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