Book Reviews -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society
Volume: JOTGES 05:2 (Autumn 1992)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

The Reign of the Servant Kings: A Study of Eternal Security and the Final Significance of Man. By Joseph C. Dillow. Miami Springs, FL: Schoettle Publishing Co., 1992. 649 pp. Cloth, $24.95; paper, $19.95.

This outstanding presentation and defense of the Free Grace position covers nearly every passage and subject in the Gospel debate. Each chapter is almost a book in itself. Here are the titles of the various chapters:

Chap 1: Introduction; Chap 2: Interpretation and Perseverance; Chap 3: The Inheritance: Old Testament; Chap 4: The Inheritance: New Testament; Chap 5: The Inheritance-Rest of Hebrews; Chap 6: So Great A Salvation; Chap 7: Inheriting Eternal Life; Chap 8: Justification and Sanctification l; Chap 9: Justification and Sanctification 2; Chap 10: The Possibility of Failure; Chap 11: From Calvin to Westminster; Chap 12: Faith and Assurance; Chap 13: Self-Examination and Assurance; Chap 14: The Carnal Christian; Chap 15: Apostasy and Divine Discipline; Chap 16: Life in the Spirit; Chap 17: Conditional Security: The Gospels; Chap 18: Conditional Security: The Letters of Paul; Chap 19: Conditional Security: Hebrews 6; Chap 20: Hebrews, Peter, and Revelation; Chap 21: Eternal Security; Chap 22: Tragedy or Triumph?; Chap 23: Negative Judgment and the Believer; Chap 24: The Final Significance of Man; and Chap 25: The Partakers.

Here are some of the many strengths of Dr. Dillow’s magnum opus:

First, the book strongly and repeatedly defends absolute 100% assurance of salvation. Dillow cogently argues that assurance is of the essence of saving faith.

Second, the author’s presentation of the doctrine of eternal rewards is thorough, highly motivating, and biblically accurate.

Third, in terms of the Gospel, “absolutely free” is the watchword of this book. Dillow repeatedly shows why this view of the Gospel is the only one which is supported by Scripture.

Fourth, love for God’s Word permeates this book. Anyone reading it will see the high view the author has towards it. Clearly Dillow considers careful Bible study essential to any believer’s growth.

Fifth, the distinction between justification and progressive

sanctification is drawn sharply and clearly; there is no fuzziness in the line.

Sixth, what a resource this book is for the pastor, elder, deacon, Sunday School teacher, Bible college or seminary professor! The Scripture index allows the reader to turn quickly to the discussion of a specific passage. So, too, the topical index permits immediate access to a host of subje...

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