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Journal: Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society
Volume: JOTGES 06:2 (Autumn 1993)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Running to Win! A Positive Biblical Approach to Rewards and Inheritance. By G. Harry Leafe. Houston: Scriptel Publishers, 1992. 105 pp. Paper, $7.00.

This small book, almost identical in size to our journal, deals with a mighty big topic: the doctrine of eternal rewards.

Leafe writes: “Everything that we face in life is a part of God’s training program for us as His children. Nothing is excepted! And it is through this training program that we are matured and prepared to receive our inheritance” (p. 54).

This is a book which clearly maintains a Free Grace view of the Gospel and challenges the reader to live wholeheartedly for God in light of our coming review at the judgment Seat of Christ.

However, I found myself a bit uncomfortable with some of the author’s conclusions. For example:

1. While it is not crystal clear, Leafe seems to argue for limited atonement, the view that Christ only died for the elect (cf. pp. 67–71, especially p. 71).

2. The author also seems to believe that regeneration logically precedes faith (p. 71).

3. He sees in the overcomer passages of Revelation 2–3 four sections which deal with blessings which will be true of all believers (2:7, 11; 3:5a, 12b) and four which deal with rewards which will only be true of some—that is, faithful—believers (2:17; 3:5b; 2:26–28 and 3:21; 3:12a; see pp. 102–104). The author gives no defense of his novel interpretation. I find it highly unlikely.

Overall I feel the topic covered deserves a more polished and thorough treatment than this work offers. However, as there is so little written on the subject, some readers may find this to be a helpful supplement to their library if read with discernment.

Robert N. Wilkin
Associate Editor
Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society

Roanoke, TX

Leaders in the Making: A Workbook for Discovering and Developing Church Leaders. By Paul N. Benware and Brian Harris. Chicago: Moody Press, 1991. 120 pp. Paper, $8.99.

As the subtitle indicates, this is a workbook designed to be use...

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