God Uses Gospel Tracts -- By: Perry C. Brown

Journal: Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society
Volume: JOTGES 07:2 (Autumn 1994)
Article: God Uses Gospel Tracts
Author: Perry C. Brown

God Uses Gospel Tracts

Perry C. Brown

Tract Editor
American Tract Society
Garland, TX

I. Introduction

“It’s too simple!” That’s the crux of the debate about the Free Grace Gospel. The simplicity of the Free Grace message has increasingly drawn the fire of the Lordship Salvation camp.

Likewise, that is the attitude of many contemporary Christians toward literature evangelism—using tracts to share the Gospel. “It’s too simple!” I have bumped into this attitude regularly during my last ten years as an editor of Gospel tracts.

I’ve been told that tracts are archaic and don’t fit in with the evangelism styles of the 90’s. Here’s a case in point: I had contacted the publications board of a very large, high-profile, evangelical church in the northern United States to suggest partnering with them to produce a few evangelistic tracts. They told me that while they believed in the ministry of tracts, their church’s evangelism philosophy encouraged Christians to develop a personal relationship with seekers. This church would not endorse what it did not use. There is a subtle dichotomy here: If you seek to get personally involved with those you want to lead to the Lord, you don’t need tracts! Thus, some believe that tracts are only useful in impersonal witnessing situations, such as mass evangelism.

II. Gospel Tracts Are Powerful Evangelistic Tools

In fact, the opposite is true: If you make friends with a seeker and desire to share the Gospel with him or her, tracts are even more effective because you have prepared the way for the message by demonstrating personal friendship and concern.

Balance is needed here. Many Christians do use Gospel tracts in their witness for Christ. The organization I work for produces over 25,000,000 tracts a year used by thousands. But many other Christians do not use tracts. Why? Looking beyond the sad reality that some Christians do not regularly share their faith in any way, a couple of reasons are evident.

First, like the church mentioned previously, many Christians stereotype tract distribution as a person standing on a windy street corner and shoving tracts at passersby, or going door-to-door in neighborhoods and apartment complexes. Many people associate tracts only with mass evangelism.

Second, many Christians don’t see the fruit of tracts, the lives changed for eternity when Christ confronts and convicts someone through the printed page.

I am convinced that the labor of planting the seed of Gospel tracts will become more tolerab...

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