In Memoriam Winifred Mary Griffith Thomas Gillespie -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society
Volume: JOTGES 11:1 (Spring 1998)
Article: In Memoriam Winifred Mary Griffith Thomas Gillespie
Author: Anonymous

In Memoriam
Winifred Mary Griffith Thomas Gillespie

(1902 - 1998)

It is with sadness that GES notes the passing of Winifred Mary Griffith Thomas Gillespie on April 16 of this year, at the age of 95 years, 8 months. The daughter of W. H. Griffith Thomas, noted theologian and Bible scholar, Mrs. Gillespie carried on her father’s legacy of being a strong proponent of the Free Grace Gospel. She made a valuable contribution to Christian scholarship by editing many of her father’s sermon notes and books for publication. She also served on the editorial board of this journal.

Mrs. Gillespie, or Winnie, as she was known to her friends, wrote “At Sunrise” at Stony Brook, New York when she was in her early 20’s.

At Sunrise

The sky dawn-tinted, flecked with rosy clouds,
Shone in the east like myriad opalescent shrouds.
Slow-opening coverlets of night let faery glimmers through,
Faint portents of the light the god of day would show.
His path of glory stretched above the sleeping wood,
And earth was wrapped in slumbrous, tranquil mood.
Indeed there seemed no mortal thing to view the miracle of day
Save I alone, and all this glorious vision prompted me to pray.

Till far away the village chanticleers saluted morn,
The smoke from one lone chimney rose to greet the dawn.
The sun above the wakening hills its rim did show
And straightway bathed the world in rosy glow.
Then climbed it heavenward and in its trail
My wavering thoughts alike did mount o’er hill and dale
Up, up through trembling ether—till they stood
Awe—spellbound round about the throne of God.

And as the king of day scanned his immense domain,
I viewed my world—much joy therein, so little pain
Compared to that which many fellow-men must bear.
Help me, O God, their travail-pains to share,
And may I ease some shoulder bowed with burdens borne
Before the solemn stillness of another sunrise morn.

—Winifred Griffith Thomas

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