The Spirit Of Antichrist Decoupling Jesus From The Christ -- By: Zane C. Hodges

Journal: Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society
Volume: JOTGES 20:39 (Autumn 2007)
Article: The Spirit Of Antichrist Decoupling Jesus From The Christ
Author: Zane C. Hodges

The Spirit Of Antichrist Decoupling Jesus From The Christ*

Zane C. Hodges

Kerugma Ministries
Mesquite, Texas

*Editor’s Note: This article is a slightly condensed form of a message given at the 2001 annual GES conference in Dallas. In light of events that have occurred in the intervening 6+ years, the challenges and warnings given in this article have proved prescient.

I. Introduction

Recently, as I was discussing the Lordship Salvation controversy with a fellow grace person, I was asked an interesting question. The question was: “Are we winning?”

The essence of my answer was: “Absolutely.”

Of course, I was not talking in terms of popularity polls. Head counting is irrelevant here.

Unfortunately many grace people are not aware of the tremendous impact that the grace movement has had and continues to have. What I have heard and seen over the last few years is enormously encouraging.

Fundamentally, God has been at work with His truth. The number of people who have been liberated from false gospels is very large as far as I can tell. The reason we are winning, however, is because we are being led by an all-conquering Captain—our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All the true victories of grace truth are His victories, and not really ours at all. He is accomplishing His own purposes.

But having said this, we must also admit that the grace movement faces some significant dangers. Let’s think about these for a few minutes.

II. The Danger of Not Being Open To God ’s Word

It may seem strange to say it, but the grace movement must face the danger of not being open to God’s Word.

Most grace people probably feel that openness to God’s Word is a hallmark of the grace movement. After all, we are prepared to let the Scriptures speak even if they clearly contradict long-held traditional interpretations. The doctrine of rewards is one such area where the grace movement seems prepared to let the Scriptures speak.

I agree that this has been a strong point of the grace movement up until now. I hope it will continue to be. But there are some warning flags.

A. The Doctrine of Repentance

One of the central issues in the Lordship debate has been over the doctrine of repentance. This doctrine obviously occupies a critical place in the whole discussion.

I am concerned that the grace movement should not allow itself to become vulnerable by maintaining a position on repentance that cannot be sustained from Scripture.

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