The Message That Gives Life And The Doctrine Of Propitiation -- By: Stephen R. Lewis

Journal: Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society
Volume: JOTGES 26:51 (Autumn 2013)
Article: The Message That Gives Life And The Doctrine Of Propitiation
Author: Stephen R. Lewis

The Message That Gives
Life And The Doctrine Of Propitiation

Stephen R. Lewis


Rocky Mountain Bible College and Seminary
Englewood, CO

I. Introduction

A quick look at our world reveals man’s sinful/fallen/dead1 condition. It is a condition against which mankind, in his own resources, is completely helpless. In spite of all man’s expectations for a “new” or “improved” society, or his dreams of bringing about utopia, civilization has remained shattered by the ravages of sin. Paul spoke of a barrier2 of separation existing between God and man. As long as this barrier exists, fellowship between God and man is impossible.

The composition of this barrier is: God’s holiness,3 man’s sin,4 sin’s penalty,5 spiritual death,6 and unrighteousness.7 How, then, does a dead/sinful man enter into a life relationship with God? The solution is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible speaks of God’s gracious plan to provide a solution to man’s problem. This article explores the once-and-for-all work that God accomplished by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross, providing redemption,8 reconciliation,9 and propitiation 10 for every person in the entire world.11

II. Two Key Terms: Reconciliation And Propitiation

A. What Reconciliation Accomplishes

Reconciliation is the work of Christ which brings man from the place of hostility to peace with God.12 There are other words used in Scripture for God’s gracious work in Christ, such

as redemption, justification, regeneration, and propitiation. However, reconciliation seems to be the over-all term which encompasses what God has done to completely remove the sin barrier. It is reconciliation that sets God free to save the believing sinner by faith in Christ so there is peace with God, and a...

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