Some Thoughts on an Affiliation with Men, Women, and God -- By: Kari Malcolm

Journal: Priscilla Papers
Volume: PP 01:2 (May 1987)
Article: Some Thoughts on an Affiliation with Men, Women, and God
Author: Kari Malcolm

Some Thoughts on an Affiliation with Men, Women, and God

Kari Malcolm

The weekend of the conference (March 6-7) was one of great celebration as we gathered together under a new banner—with the joy of seeing both familiar faces and welcome new ones. Jim Alsdurf summed it up for me as he confided with a grin, “Say, there’s a new spirit around here.” He was right on.

Ana of course Elaine Storkey was not exactly the kind of speaker you meet every week in either church or academic circles. Combining the best of scholarship in her field with a deep Christian faith, she was a fresh breeze sent across the ocean by God to revive us.

I should like to review some of the things Elaine said directly or indirectly about MEN, WOMEN, AND GOD:

1. Groups outside England are invited to join the organization. Holland and Australia, have already expressed a desire to join.

2. It sounds like local autonomy will be recognized. This means branch chapters will not have to write to England each time they make a decision. Of course there will be some basic principles to which we should adhere, but in details I am sure we can do our own thing. For example, I asked specifically about the brochure cover with the naked man and woman [Adam and Eve]—partly as a joke. As a Norwegian who is used to nudity on the beaches at home, but has lived long enough among you to know that it’s not acceptable here, I was rather amused by the cover. Anyhow, Elaine assured us we would be designing our own brochure, so we can relax on that one. After that bit of trivia, on to me main point.

A gift- A full-blown organization - MWG- has been dropped in our laps!

I believe it came from the loving hands of a caring God. As we sat through meetings last fall, one moan that was frequently heard was, imagine the work ahead of us—starting a new organization from scratch!” God heard our cry and has come to our assistance with MWG for three good reasons.

1. I doubt if we have the emotional energy or the woman/manpower to start a baby organization. This past weekend I had a good object lesson as for 48 hours I baby sat my grandkids—a four-year-old with the flu, and her sister —a “terrible two!” Starting a new organization is like having babies all over again when many of us are grandmas. Do we have the energy to start a new baby if we can adopt one dial’s at least out of diapers?

2. In order to help women in evangelical and conservative churches, we need to obtain the confidence and affirmation of evangelical leaders. We want to make clear that this organization is conservative theologically and holds a strong belief in the authority and inspiration of Scripture. An affiliation with a recognizable and respected group would he...

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