From Bobbed Hair, Bossy Wives, and Women Preachers to Woman Be Free: My Story -- By: Stanley N. Gundry

Journal: Priscilla Papers
Volume: PP 19:2 (Spring 2005)
Article: From Bobbed Hair, Bossy Wives, and Women Preachers to Woman Be Free: My Story
Author: Stanley N. Gundry

From Bobbed Hair, Bossy Wives, and Women
Preachers to Woman Be Free: My Story

Stan Gundry

STAN GUNDRY is the husband of Patricia S. Gundry, and they have four grown children. He is a graduate of the Los Angeles Baptist College (B.A., summa cum laude), Talbot Theological Seminary (B.D., summa cum laude), Union College of British Columbia (S.T.M.), and the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (S.T.D.). His graduate degrees were in historical theology. After serving in a pastorate, he taught as an adjunct professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and was Professor of Theology at Moody Bible Institute where he taught for eleven years. He has also served two terms on the Board of CBE and is a past president of the Evangelical Theological Society. He accepted a position at Zondervan in 1980 where he is currently Senior Vice President and Editor in Chief. He has seven books to his credit, produced by himself or in collaboration with others, and has written numerous articles for a wide variety of publications. In some circles he is best known for his articles and book on restoration of the Studebaker Avanti automobile.

I have agreed to tell my story for two fundamental reasons. 1) I want to give tribute to the person who opened my eyes to a new paradigm through which to view Scripture and who did not allow me to be satisfied with the easy answers. These were answers that had been drilled into my head as a youth and were assumed throughout my college and seminary training. 2) Arguments alone often do not convince. This is especially so with theological and exegetical arguments on this subject that for many has so much emotional baggage associated with it. So, when people come to me asking questions and searching for answers on the “women’s issue,” I often just tell them my story—where I have come from, where I have landed, and how and why I got there.

Arguments in which both sides launch aggressive offenses and structure fortress-like defenses can be unnecessarily adversarial. I am not suggesting that such arguments have no place, but let us acknowledge that their value is vastly over-rated.

Stories cover the same territory, but they are testimonials—and it is hard to argue with someone’s testimony. Some who hear my story may think I became a biblical egalitarian1 for inadequate reasons; but, more often than not, the response has been, “That makes sense. You’ve given me something to think about.” And a new story begins, or at least takes a new turn in the road.

Bobbed Hair, Bossy Wives, and Women Preachers

My story begins with a book prominently displayed on my father’s bookshelf. Norman C. Gundry was a Fundamentalist Baptist pastor...

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