Oppression and Abuse Under the Law, but Freedom in Christ: A Discussion -- By: William David Spencer

Journal: Priscilla Papers
Volume: PP 23:1 (Winter 2009)
Article: Oppression and Abuse Under the Law, but Freedom in Christ: A Discussion
Author: William David Spencer

Oppression and Abuse Under the Law,
but Freedom in Christ: A Discussion

William David Spencer

Maureena (female) and Ajai (male) served as missionaries from India to a Middle Eastern country for fourteen years. Rev. Dr. William David Spencer, the interviewer, is Editor of Priscilla Papers.


W: William David Spencer

A: Ajai (male)

M: Maureena (female)

W: I notice that some Muslim women wear head coverings one hundred percent of the time.

M: Yes, all the time. It is a very totally different culture in the Muslim world. That’s why, when we went to the Middle East, the first thing we were taught—do not walk around with your hair open. Because they consider you are a prostitute. Because they consider that, if you show your hair, you are tempting men to the sexual immoral sin. You are enticing them. This is according to the Qur’an.

W: They wear the black veil?

M: In the Muslim world, it is called abaya. It is used. They will never go without abaya for covering themselves.

A: You know, some of them we have seen. Very orthodox. They wear a black thing like this covering their eyes. It is just black, covering like this, and black here covering their mouth.

M: This is called burka.

W: And that just covers the eyes.

M: No, that just covers the nose, the full face. Only the eyes are seen.

A: Now, if you see them in real life, they look all closed up.

M: There is no doubt that, in the Muslim world, there is very less freedom for the women. But, there is a whole lot of freedom for men. Men can do—there is so much—so free, but women have so many restrictions. She is bound by the rules of the mullahs—the priests in the mosque—they are bound so much by the Qur’an; they are bound so much by the law of their husband, the law of Muhammad, the law of Qur’an. They don’t have any freedom.

A: See, the men are also bound by the law. But the women are bound by the law more than the men. But, men are also bound by the law. They can not wear whatever they feel like. They have to wear the head gear. They have to wear the flowing garments.

M: That’s all.

A: Yes, and they are not allowed to do certain things in public. But, they would want to do certain things, I know, in public. They would like to dress the way they would wish to.

M: I feel we are talking about women’s freedom. Women definitely don’t have freedom. Like a man can sit in a restaurant a...

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