Will Gender Equality Be Achieved? A Survey of Young Adult Perspectives -- By: Susan H. Howell

Journal: Priscilla Papers
Volume: PP 29:3 (Summer 2015)
Article: Will Gender Equality Be Achieved? A Survey of Young Adult Perspectives
Author: Susan H. Howell

Will Gender Equality Be Achieved?
A Survey of Young Adult Perspectives

Susan H. Howell


Cameron D. Schatt

Susan Howell is professor of psychology at Campbellsville University in Campbellsville, Kentucky. Her degrees include an MEd and EdD from the University of Louisville. Susan is a member of the Priscilla Papers Peer Review Team and is a frequent contributor to CBE’s blog, “The CBE Scroll.”

Cameron Schatt is a recent graduate of Campbellsville University where he majored in psychology. He served as a research assistant with Dr. Howell on this and other projects. He will begin graduate studies this fall at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and plans to pursue a career in psychology.

Over the past several decades, women have made strides toward equality in the secular world as well as the church. While some claim these changes have happened too quickly and mourn what they see as the loss of tradition, others believe they have been too long in coming and lament that we still have so far to go. While studying certain aspects of the debate, we—this article’s authors—began to craft a research project: Cameron posed a question while a student in Susan’s Gender Studies course, a question which has focused our attention on a related but unexplored aspect of the gender equality struggle. Here is what happened.

Susan had asked students to submit two questions for the opposite sex—anything they had always wanted to know but had never asked—which they would like answered by their peers in class. Susan read each question aloud (without the questioner’s name) and had the men answer the women’s questions and the women answer the men’s, as they felt comfortable doing so. The usual questions and answers Susan had seen in past semesters emerged:

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Do you guys ever cry?


Sometimes, but hardly ever in public.


Do you want guys to hold the door open for you?


Yeah, but I don’t get mad if he doesn’t.