The Nicene And Reformed Doctrine Of The Trinity -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Priscilla Papers
Volume: PP 31:3 (Summer 2017)
Article: The Nicene And Reformed Doctrine Of The Trinity
Author: Anonymous

The Nicene And Reformed Doctrine Of The Trinity

Kevin Giles

Kevin Giles, an Australian, has served as an Anglican parish minister for over forty years. He has been publishing on the substantial equality of the sexes since 1975 and is a foundation member of CBE International. He holds a doctorate in NT studies and has published books on the church, church health, ministry in the apostolic age, the book of Acts, gender equality, and the Trinity, besides numerous scholarly and popular articles.

Thank you, Dr. Storms, for your welcome. It is a tremendous honor to be invited to give the introductory address at this ETS plenary forum on the Trinity.

In putting my case this afternoon, I am going to speak forthrightly and unambiguously, as I am sure Dr. Grudem and Dr. Ware will do as well. Dr. Erickson, who stands with me in opposing Dr. Grudem and Dr. Ware’s teaching on the Trinity, I am sure will be the clearest in what he says, and the most gracious. I speak bluntly because the issues we are discussing are of monumental importance for the evangelical community. I believe that what Dr. Grudem and Dr. Ware teach on the Trinity, and now large numbers of evangelicals believe, contradicts what the Nicene Creed, the Reformation and post-Reformation Protestant confessions, and the ETS doctrinal basis teach.

Three Introductory Clarifications

To begin my presentation, I make three matters perfectly clear. First, I have no distinctive doctrine of the Trinity. My exposition of the Trinity which follows is simply an outline of what I consider to be the historic, orthodox doctrine of the Trinity as articulated in the Nicene Creed. I know absolutely nothing about a so-called “evangelical egalitarian doctrine of the Trinity.”

What this means is that I have basically the same understanding of the Trinity as the many complementarian confessional Reformed theologians who have come out in opposition to Dr. Grudem and Dr. Ware’s teaching on the Trinity.1 What this immediately reveals is that the divide on the Trinity is not between evangelical egalitarians and complementarians but between creedal and confessional evangelicals and non-creedal and confessional evangelicals.

Second, I want to state clearly and unambiguously that I think the doctrine of the Trinity has absolutely nothing to say about the relationship of the sexes. I personally do not ground my gender egalitarian commitments on the Trinity, and neither does virtually any evangelical egalitarian. I have been publishing on women in the Bible since 1975, and I have never appealed to the Trinity to support the substantial equality of the two sexes.

The gender complementarian, Fred ...

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