An Everlasting House: An Exegesis Of 2 Samuel 7 -- By: Maarten Kuivenhoven

Journal: Puritan Reformed Journal
Volume: PRJ 02:1 (Jan 2010)
Article: An Everlasting House: An Exegesis Of 2 Samuel 7
Author: Maarten Kuivenhoven

An Everlasting House: An Exegesis Of 2 Samuel 7

Maarten kuivenhoven

Second Samuel 7 offers a view of the covenant of grace being expanded and amplified. David purposes to build a house for Yahweh, but in turn Yahweh prohibits David from doing this and instead promises to build David’s house. The promise has ramifications for the succession of Solomon to the throne, but it also has profound implications for the Messiah to come from the Davidic line and to reign forever upon the throne of David, bringing salvation and rest to His people of every age. While the word “covenant” is not mentioned explicitly in the context of this chapter, other Scripture references do bear out the fact that this Davidic covenant was a heightening and amplification of the covenant of grace. This article is simply a brief outline and exposition of this chapter and how it unfolds the covenant of grace to David to enrich the understanding of God’s dealings with David, Israel, and subsequent generations of God’s people.


An Everlasting House

David’s Purpose (vv. 1-3)

David’s rest from enemies (1)

David’s resolve for a house of the Lord (2)

David’s ratification by Nathan the prophet (3)

Yahweh’s Promise (vv. 4-17)

Yahweh’s pattern (4-7)

Yahweh’s provision (8-17)

David’s Prayer (vv. 18-29)

David’s abasement before Yahweh (18-21)

David’s adoration of Yahweh (22-24)

David’s appeal to Yahweh (25-29)1


This chapter opens up God’s heart and His ways with His servant David. While the argument could be made, based on the absence of the word “covenant,” that God is not making a covenant with David, the internal evidence of this chapter and the use of other passages of Scripture make it very clear that this is the establishment of the Davidic covenant.2 Other passages of Scripture such as Psalm 89 and 2 Samuel 23:5 demonstrate clearly that Yahweh made a covenant with David amplifying the Abrahamic covenant, as the seed is revealed to a greater degree; the seed of Abraham and now of David is to be a king, but no ordinary king, because His throne will last forever.3

The chapter introduces David sitt...

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