The Cry for Revival -- By: Robert Murray M’Cheyne

Journal: Reformation and Revival
Volume: RAR 01:4 (Fall 1992)
Article: The Cry for Revival
Author: Robert Murray M’Cheyne

The Cry for Revival

Robert Murray M’Cheyne

“Wilt Thou not revive us again; that Thy people may rejoice in Thee?” (Ps. 85:6, KJV).

It is interesting to notice the time when this prayer was offered. It was a time of mercy. “Lord, Thou hast been favorable unto Thy land.” It was a time when God had led many to the knowledge of Christ and covered many sins. “Thou hast forgiven the iniquity of Thy people.” It was now they began to feel their need of another visit of mercy—”Wilt Thou not revive us again?”

The thing prayed for: “Revive us again,” or literally, return and make us live anew. It is a prayer of those who have received some life but feel their need of more. They had been made alive by the Holy Spirit. They felt the sweetness and excellence of this new, hidden, divine life. They pant for more—”Wilt Thou not revive us again?”

The argument presented: “That Thy people may rejoice in Thee.” They plead with God to do this for the sake of His people, that their joy may be full; and that it may be in the Lord—in the Lord their Righteousness—in the Lord their Strength.

When Is This Prayer Needed?

1. In a Time of Backsliding

There are times when, like Ephesus, many of God’s children lose their first love. Iniquity abounds, and the love of many waxes cold.

Believers lose their close and tender walking with God. They lose their close and near communion with God. They go out of the holiest, and pray at a distance with a curtain between. They lose their fervency, sweetness, and fullness in secret prayer. They do not pour out their hearts to God.

They have lost their clear discovery of Christ. They see Him but dimly. They have lost the sight of His beauty—the

savor of His good ointment—the hold of His garment. They seek Him, but find Him not. They cannot stir up the heat to lay hold on Christ.

The Spirit dwells scantily in their soul. The living water seems almost dried up within them. The soul is dry and barren. Corruptions are strong; grace is very weak.

Love to the brethren fades. United prayer is forsaken. The little assembly no more appears beautiful. Compassion for the unconverted is low and cold. Sin is unrebuked, though committed under their eye. Christ is not confessed before men. Perhaps the soul falls into sin and is afrad to return; it stays far off from God and lodges in the wilderness.

Ah! This is the case, I fear, with many. It is a fearfully dangerous time. Nothing b...

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