From Arrowhead to Augsburg: Bill Bright in the Light of the Lutheran Confessions -- By: Craig A. Parton

Journal: Reformation and Revival
Volume: RAR 05:1 (Winter 1996)
Article: From Arrowhead to Augsburg: Bill Bright in the Light of the Lutheran Confessions
Author: Craig A. Parton

From Arrowhead to Augsburg: Bill Bright in the Light of the Lutheran Confessions

Craig A. Parton

Editor’s Introduction

Many months ago the author submitted this article to our office. I was hesitant to publish it at first, not wishing to be perceived as overly critical of a man whose life I have observed for twenty-five years with a great deal of admiration, especially because of his love of the Great Commission. Dr. Bright has encouraged me, both publicly and privately, in the work of evangelism, and has lived a long life of excellent character. The purpose for publishing this article is not to attack Bill Bright, a gentle and earnest man, but to seriously question his whole approach to the doctrines of Justification, Sanctification, and biblical Revelation. Since the events which prompted this article took place, a further revelation of Dr. Bright’s seriously defective views of the Gospel appeared in his endorsement of the new book, Evangelical & Catholics Together: Toward a Christian Mission (Word: Dallas, 1995), where he, a signatory of the now famous document which grossly distorts the evangelical truth of Justification through faith alone, writes: “The joint statement by evangelical and Catholic believers in our Lord Jesus Christ has enhanced our efforts to reach the masses of the world with the gospel. I have no doubt that the population of heaven will be greatly increased because of this statement.” In the light of such confusion (and that further generated by a support letter dated October 31, 1995, in which Dr. Bright promotes the idea of people now coming to faith in Christ through visions and revelations outside of Scripture) I came to understand the great usefulness of this article. Evangelical leadership needs to understand how serious the present defection from historic Protestantism really is in our time. Few seem to understand, and if they do, seem unwilling to express that understanding when an honored leader goes astray theologically. 1

Bill Bright is president of perhaps the largest evangelical “parachurch” ministry in the world—Campus Crusade for Christ. Recently, Mr. Bright informed those who read his “Bright Side” newsletter that he and others in the Crusade leadership would embark on a forty-day vigil of fasting and prayer. Friends and supporters were urged to send prayer requests.

After forty days of denial, the long expected report came. Others within the circle of Campus Crusade leadership, such as Vice-President Steve Douglass, according to the “Bright Side,” got “into the Jet Stream of what Bill was praying for....” And what did the “Jet Stream” of the ...

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