Rare Puritan Facsimiles for Book Lovers -- By: Joel Beeke

Journal: Reformation and Revival
Volume: RAR 05:3 (Summer 1996)
Article: Rare Puritan Facsimiles for Book Lovers
Author: Joel Beeke

Rare Puritan Facsimiles for Book Lovers

Joel Beeke

The following rare titles are facsimile editions recently reprinted from originals. Hence, they will be of interest primarily to real booklovers who don’t mind odd spellings and reading “s” when it looks like “f”! Each volume contains a somewhat scholarly introduction of approximately five to twenty-five pages about the author and his work and writings. The prices given below are retail and no discounts are allowed. Postage is extra. Please send all orders to: Scholars Facsimiles & Reprints, Attention: Norman Mangouni, Delmar, New York 12054–0344. (Note: Rpt.=reprint; introd.=introduction; v.=volumes; pp.=pages.)

Byles, Mather, 1707–88. The Works of Mather Byles. 19 v. in 1. Introd. by Benjamin Franklin V.

Mather Byles was named after his grandfather, Increase Mather, and his uncle, Cotton Mather. He was a close friend of Isaac Watts. This volume contains Byles’s sermons and poems as originally published in nineteen separate volumes.

Contents: Prose: “The character of the Perfect and Upright Man” (1729), “A Discourse on the Present Vileness of the Body” (1732), “The Glories of the Lord of Hosts” (1740), “Affection on Things Above” (1740), “The Flourish of the Annual Spring” (1741), “The Visit of Jesus by Night” (1741), “God Glorious in the Scenes of the Winter” (1744), “The Glorious Rest of Heaven” (1745), “The Prayer and Plea of David” (1751), “God the Strength and Portion of His People” (1752), “The Man of God Thoroughly Furnished to Every Good Work” (1758), “The Vanity of Every Man at His Best Estate” (1761).

Poetry: “A Poem on the Death of His Late Majesty King George” (1727), “A Poem Presented to His Excellency William Burnet” (1728), “On the Death of the Queen” (1738), “The Comet (1744), Poems. The Conflagration” (1755).

Collections: Poems on Several Occasions (1744), A Collection of Poems by Several Hands (1744).


Davies, Samuel, 1723–61. Collected Poems of Samuel Davies, 1723–1761. Rpt. Gainesville, 1968. Introd. by Richard Beale Davis.

Samuel Davies was born in Delaware, was ordained as a Presbyterian evangelist in 1747, and became an active promoter of the Great Awakening in Virginia and North Carolina. He succeeded Jonathan Edwards in 1759 as president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton). He died at the age of thirty-eight.

Contents: Miscellaneous Poems, Chiefly on Divine Subjects (1752) and forty-two fugitive poems.

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