Annotated Bibliography -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Reformation and Revival
Volume: RAR 06:2 (Spring 1997)
Article: Annotated Bibliography
Author: Anonymous

Annotated Bibliography

Alnor, William M. Soothsayers of the Second Advent. Old Tappan, New Jersey: Fleming Revell, 1989. A popular but helpful warning regarding “last days” nonsense.

Archer, Gleason L., Jr., Paul D. Feinberg, Douglas J. Moo, Richard R. Reiter. The Rapture: Pre, Mid, or Post-Tribulational. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1984. A fair and well-done presentation of the differing viewpoints regarding the timing of the “rapture” of the church.

*Bavinck, Herman. John Bolt, ed. and John Vriend, translator. The Last Things: Hope for This World and the Next. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1996. The great Dutch theologian handles the whole field in 200 pages. A marvelous and serious work.

Beasley-Murray, George R. Jesus and the Last Days: The Interpretation of the Olivet Discourse. Peabody, Massachusetts: Hendrickson, 1993. This volume, originally published as Jesus and the Future in 1954, is a massive and important revision. Beasley-Murray is a serious and important premillennial scholar who is fully aware of modern developments in both text and interpretation. Recommended for ministers and serious readers due to technical nature of the work.

Blanchard, John. Whatever Happened to Hell? Wheaton, Illinois: Crossway Books, 1995. This is a very valuable work written from a pastoral perspective. Highly recommended for pastors and lay readers alike.

Boettner, Loraine. The Millennium. Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Presbyterian & Reformed, 1957. Boettner is one of the best representative postmillennial writers of the Reformed school. Fairness pervades the book.

*Boettner, Loraine. Immortality. Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Presbyterian & Reformed, 1956. In the light of the debate on this subject over the past few decades this is still a very helpful work.

Bolton, Robert. The Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Hell and Heaven. Morgan, Pennsylvania: Soli Deo Gloria, 1994. A classic reprint that is edifying.

Brown, David. Christ’s Second Coming: Will It Be Premillennial? Grand Rapids: Baker, 1983 reprint of 1876 edition. The author is the famous Brown of the Commentary by Jameison, Fausset and Brown. This is a strong criticism of chiliasm and is important for serious study on the issues.

Connelly, Douglas. After Life: What the Bible Really Says. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 1995. An evaluation of near-death experiences with a biblical heaven and hell.

Conyers, A.J. The End: What Jesus Really Said About the Last Things...

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