Lament For A Lost Liturgy -- By: T. M. Moore

Journal: Reformation and Revival
Volume: RAR 09:3 (Summer 2000)
Article: Lament For A Lost Liturgy
Author: T. M. Moore

Lament For A Lost Liturgy

T. M. Moore

There is a longing in my soul

for quiet. All around, the whole

assembly, in electrified

excess, continues to abide

the noise that overwhelms their own

attempts at praise. Am I alone

in pining for that stillness sweet,

in which our Savior’s face we’d meet?

In missing those exalted rhymes

and soaring tones that other times

employed in service to our King?

And can these palsy prayers we bring

to God almighty hope to catch

His holy ear, or can they match

the psalmists’ lexicon of praise

and thanks? Oh, how I miss those ways

that faithful generations gone

found adequate to lean upon

in worship! I am told I’ll learn

to like it, I’ll adjust, discern

the value of this form to reach

our Christless neighbors and to teach

them how to know the Savior in

familiar ways. This worldly din,

these unconvicting liturgies

and folksy, Christless homilies

may suit the lost among us fine;

they do not flame this heart of mine

with passion for the King of Grace

who bids our presence in this place.

Must we, who glow with saving fire,

against God’s holy worth conspire

by wallowing in this world’s dust,

forsaking our traditions, just

so those who sail in earthly ships

can take his covenant on their lips?

God help us! We have taken that

which you defined, directed at

yourself, and through the ages long

refined, in preaching, prayer, and song,

to suit your pleasure and we’ve turned

it to man’s leisure! We have spurned

your purposes for worship, Lord,

and turned this precious time toward

the whims of those whose hearts are hot

for one thing only, and it’s not

to please you, but themselves instead.

We’ve geared our worship to the dead


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