Book Notices -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Reformation and Revival
Volume: RAR 09:3 (Summer 2000)
Article: Book Notices
Author: Anonymous

Book Notices

Sound Of Trumpets, Faith Cook. Carlisle, Pennsylvania: Banner of Truth (2000). 176 pages, paper, $9.99

Faith Cook’s earlier books, Singing in the Fire, Grace in Winter, and Samuel Rutherford and His Friends, clearly display her ability to write short and interesting biographical studies. Sound of Trumpets is more of the same, providing 25–35 page biographical sketches of seven Christians who rose above the pattern of this world to become stalwarts for truth in action.

Most of these sketches present to the average reader people they probably have never heard of, much less considered as role models of faith. These are everyday heroes of the faith, not modern “media personalities.” As an example, consider Archibald Brown, one of the first converts baptized by C. H. Spurgeon in the newly-open Metropolitan Tabernacle, in 1861. He began a work in one of London’s most difficult areas, became an itinerant minister late in life and, in the years between, became the pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle itself. He knew revival tides and he knew seasons of mercy drops, yet in it all he was a faithful servant of God.

Or consider Dr. Tom Bernardo, whose concern for the poor children of London touched the souls of multitudes. When he died in 1905 a nation grieved. His faith-works brought glory to God and his story needs to be heard again,

nearly one hundred years after his death. Then there is Sally Wesley, the beloved wife of Charles. Many have heard of John’s unhappy marriage, but how many know about Sally, the godly and cheerful soul-mate of John’s brother, Charles? Faith Cook’s work can be read with profit by anyone twelve years of age or older. In fact, read these stories aloud to your family if your children are ten years of age or older.

God’s Answers For Life’s Needs, Paul E. Engle and Margie W. Engle. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker (2000). 183 pages, paper, $9.99

Because we live in an age when so many who profess faith in Christ know so little of the Bible itself, helpful little books like this are important. This is a handy reference tool that addresses thirty-two common issues we all face in life. It accomplishes this goal by summarizing relevant Scripture texts and by offering prayers and promises that follow those texts.

Appropriately the book begins with the issue of “Becoming a Christian.” This is followed by themes such as: “Burnout and Exhaustion,” “Disciplining and Training Our Children,” “Discovering Our Gifts,” “Financial Perspectives,” “Finding Peace,” “Giving Thanks in All Circumstances,” “Honesty,...

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