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Journal: Reformation and Revival
Volume: RAR 11:2 (Spring 2002)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

The Way Of Wisdom: Essays In Honor Of Bruce K Waltke. J. I. Packer and Sven K. Soderlund, editors, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2000. 332 pages, cloth, $29.99.

Attainment of a seventieth birthday is a happy event, and when it is a scholar’s birthday, the blessings often spill over to all who will avail themselves of them in published Festschriften. The Way of Wisdom celebrates Bruce Waltke’s productive career as professor, author, and pastor, whose academic trail has led him to his present role as Professor Emeritus while chairing the Old Testament department at Reformed Theological seminary, Orlando, Florida.

A delightful quality of a Festschrift is the variety of essay topics that appeal to many interests. This tribute to Waltke offers several essays that will find use in any pastor’s library. It consists of nineteen essays by prominent evangelicals, each scholars in their own right. Each essay, many fewer than twenty pages, includes endnotes attached at the close of the essay.

J. I. Packer provides a fitting introductory essay, “Theology and Wisdom,” that examines the significance of uniting scholarly discipline and wisdom. John Sailhamer, always stimulating, does not disappoint with his essay (“A Wisdom Composition of the Pentateuch?”). He shows how the Pentateuch’s present shape reveals that poetic seams link large narrative portions within the book, spanning the whole Pentateuch.

In honor of Waltke, it is fitting that the editors retained Hebrew and Greek script instead of transliteration in essays where authors appealed to the languages. Two essays that frequently provide the Hebrew texts they discuss are Walter E.

Brown’s “Noah: Sot or Saint? Genesis 9:20–27” and David J. Montgomery’s “A Bribe Is a Charm.”

Before commenting upon selected essays, it is fitting to identify a few others of note. Elmer A. Martens’ rich Mennonite heritage exudes from his essay, “The Way of Wisdom: Conflict Resolution in Biblical Narrative.” William. J. Dumbrell is confident that “The Purpose of the Book of Job” is to be found in God’s speeches, especially in 42:7–9, though his essay does not presume to offer the definitive solution. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. and Roger R. Nicole contribute essays that address wisdom and marriage. Ian W. Provan contributes his “The Terrors of the Night: Love, Sex, and Power in Song of Songs 3.” Ronald Youngblood’s “The Fall of Lucifer” corrects “folk theology” that derives a doctrine...

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