Book Briefs -- By: Jonathan Armstrong

Journal: Reformation and Revival
Volume: RAR 12:1 (Winter 2003)
Article: Book Briefs
Author: Jonathan Armstrong

Book Briefs

John H. Armstrong

Martin Luther: A Guided Tour Of His Life And Thought, Stephen J. Nichols, Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Presbyterian & Reformed (2002), 240 pages, paper, $13.99

Roland Bainton’s famous classic story of Martin Luther, Here I Stand, deeply impressed me as a young minister. I confess that when I picked up this new volume I felt the task was too large for such a small book. My mind has been changed. I will now recommend that people who wish to get into the life and thought of Luther read Bainton and then Nichols, or maybe Nichols and then Bainton. This is a superb little book.

The author knows his subject and has the rare ability to write of it in a way that is both understandable and engaging. Pastors and lay readers will both profit from this “guided tour.” I heartily recommend it to all readers.

Living In The Hope Of Glory, Adolphe Monod, Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Presbyterian & Reformed (2002), 181 pages, paper, $12.99.

Adolphe Monod (1802–1856) was a well-known preacher in the French Reformed church. He pastored the prominent Reformed cChurch of Paris and was a professor at the Reformed Seminary in Montauban. Some of his sermons have been available in English in the past but this French spiritual classic (Lex Adieu, or earlier English translations, Adolphe

Monod’s Farewell), written from his death-bed over the last six months of his life, is now available in a modern and very readable English edition.

The book is really not about dying but about living—living in a way that prepares one to face death without regrets. Monod lists his “deepest convictions” as—rescue from the depths of sin, the two natures of Christ, the two voices of Scripture, all by the Holy Spirit, and all in Jesus Christ and the blessed Trinity. Perhaps the very best part of the book is the section dealing with “avoiding regrets.” Here he labors to show that we should live holy, active, peaceful lives, feeding upon the Word of God, using time wisely, being fervent in prayer and always focusing upon what is truly important. This is a wonderful book worthy of all serious believers.

Flame In The Mind: A Journey Of Spiritual Passion, Michael Marshall, Grand Rapids: Zondervan (2002), 217 pages, paper, $12.99

Bishop Michael Marshall, rector of Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street in London, is the author of several previous books but is a new name to me. In this volume, chosen by the retiring Archbishop George Carey as his Lenten book for 2003, Marshall uses the great prayer...

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