Editorial -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Reformed Baptist Theological Review
Volume: RBTR 01:1 (Jan 2004)
Article: Editorial
Author: Anonymous


This is the inaugural issue of The Reformed Baptist Theological Review (RBTR). A word of explanation, therefore, is fitting. RBTR finds its roots in a desire to have contemporary Reformed Baptists, who are committed to the Second London Confession of Faith of 1677/89 (2nd LCF), articulate their beliefs in a scholarly, yet pastoral manner. A survey of the theological literature of our day finds little confessional Reformed Baptist literature available at this level. Many fine books have been written by contemporary, confessional Reformed Baptists, for which we are grateful. Scholarly and critical works, however, are far and few between. RBTR is designed to help fill that gap from a journal standpoint.

The genesis of RBTR occurred when two men committed to the 2nd LCF put their minds and hearts together concerning their common burdens. The two men began discussing the need for a confessional Reformed Baptist theological journal. Because of their commitment to the centrality of the church for the theological enterprise, the idea was submitted to the elders of Palmdale Reformed Baptist Church, where I’ve ministered since 1990. The elders supported the idea enthusiastically and agreed that a board of confessional Reformed Baptist pastors and theologians ought to be formed for administrative purposes. The board was carefully selected to fairly represent confessional Reformed Baptists.

RBTR makes no claims to represent all confessional Reformed Baptists on all details of doctrine and practice. We fully realize that there are differences on some secondary issues and even some differences on what would constitute primary issues and their articulation. RBTR will, at times, take on some of these issues to provide a public forum for theological discussion. This is, in our view, something that has been lacking in confessional Reformed Baptist circles, and we are not the better for it. Though we do not pretend to be the answer to that void, we do hope that RBTR will be used to help fill the gap.

Our first issue covers a wide variety of subjects relevant to Reformed Baptists and others. The first article is my attempt at a detailed exegetical and theological analysis of 1 Timothy 1:8–11. This passage is very relevant to our confessional standards and the issues related to the utility of the Decalogue. The second article, by Dr. Robert P. Martin, is a biblical-theological approach to Pentecost and its importance and function in light of redemptive history. He gives special attention to Pentecost as it relates to the blessings of the New Covenant. The third

article, by Dr. J...

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