Editorial -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Reformed Baptist Theological Review
Volume: RBTR 02:2 (Jul 2005)
Article: Editorial
Author: Anonymous


We continue to be both encouraged and amazed at the response to our meager attempts at a confessional, Reformed Baptist theological journal. RBTR goes out to much of the U.S. and several other countries. Many seminaries receive RBTR. We have received notes and emails of appreciation from many places and persons. This motivates us to press on all the more. We thank all of our subscribers for allowing us the privilege to keep them up to date on issues related to confessional, Reformed Baptist theology.

We are glad to announce the addition of two new RBTR Board Members/Associate Editors - Thomas K. Ascol, Ph.D. (U.S.) and Robert W. Oliver, Ph.D. (U.K.). Both men are well-known, highly respected, very experienced in publishing, and informed concerning the contemporary theological scene among Reformed Baptists and the broader Reformed and Evangelical worlds. We trust their participation on the Board will further assist us to be relevant and useful to our audience.

The current issue of RBTR covers various subjects. Dr. James R. White has contributed an article dealing with textual criticism, exegesis, and preaching. Dr. Robert P. Martin has two articles. His first article deals with Acts 13:48 and is a fine example of exegesis and careful lexical analysis. Dr. Martin’s second article is a continuation of an exposition of chapter 29 of the 2nd LCF, “Of Baptism.” He interacts with both the WCF and John Murray concerning the subjects of baptism. Dr. James M. Renihan has contributed an article dealing with a phrase from chapter 1 of the 2nd LCF: “the scope of the whole.” It is an excellent display of the discipline of historical theology and has practical bearing on hermeneutical methodology. Dr. Samuel E. Waldron’s article is a very timely contribution to the current debate over Norman Shepherd and sola fide. This is a revised portion of Dr. Waldron’s doctoral thesis. The final article by Dr. Michael T. Renihan is also a timely piece on the nature of confessional subscription and contemporary Reformed Baptists.

Our book review section is a bit longer this time. There is good reason for this. Pastors need books but do not always have the time to weed through the plethora of new ones. We want to assist pastors, and

others, by providing reviews of various types of books from various publishers to keep them aware of what’s out there. We have contracted agreements with several publishers to review their books per our request. This will help us stay more current with the relevant literature.

RBTR III:1 is due out in January of 2006. With the passing of John Paul II and the installation...

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