Editorial -- By: Richard C. Barcellos

Journal: Reformed Baptist Theological Review
Volume: RBTR 05:1 (Jan 2008)
Article: Editorial
Author: Richard C. Barcellos


Richard C. Barcellos

RBTR Managing Editor

Pastor Robert Gonzales’ article “The Covenantal Context of the Fall: Did God Make a Primeval Covenant with Adam?” appeared in our last issue. In this issue he offers us “WHERE SIN ABOUNDS: The Spread of Sin and the Curse in the Primeval History.” This is another fine example of the biblical-theological method applied to a doctrinal subject. As we have come to expect, Dr. Gonzales does his homework and displays ample ability in the biblical languages and theology.

The second article comes as my part two of a biblical theology of the Sabbath. This time we consider the New Testament theology of the Sabbath. Space did not permit me to cover all issues connected to the NT theology of the Sabbath. However, I trust that the exegetical and theological ground work is laid for approaching difficult texts and objections in a subsequent article.

Dr. Robert P. Martin offers his third article on chapter one of the 2nd LCF, Of the Holy Scriptures. This third part discusses the authority of Scripture. As usual, Dr. Martin displays care and ample study.

Our last article comes from Dr. Sam Waldron. It is Part I of a review article of Barry Horner’s Future Israel. Dr. Horner’s book is highly recommended by Dr. John MacArthur and has caused some responses and interactions via the internet.

Book reviews, once again, are published at the end of the volume. We do so in an attempt to keep you somewhat up-to-date and informed about newly published books of interest.

On a final note, as you may or may not know, RBTR is published by RBAP, LLC (www.rbap.net). RBAP, LLC is pleased to announce another book coming out soon by Dr. Waldron. It is entitled MacArthur’s Millennial Manifesto: A Friendly Response. It has recommendations by Drs. Jim Renihan, Kim Riddlebarger, and Cornelis Venema. It is well-written, easy to read, and hard to put down.

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