Gender Blending and Confusion -- By: George C. Scipione

Journal: Reformed Presbyterian Theological Journal
Volume: RPTJ 05:2 (Spring 2019)
Article: Gender Blending and Confusion
Author: George C. Scipione

Gender Blending and Confusion1

George C. Scipione

Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology
Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

There are two stories that I think would help us to put a mental framework around this topic of gender blending and confusion. The first one is Alice in Wonderland. If you haven't read it, certainly you have seen the movie. Why is it helpful? Because in Wonderland, nothing is what it seems to be. It is an overarching theme in Alice in Wonderland. Everything that seems normal is NOT normal. Things are exactly the opposite of what they seem to be in Wonderland. And so more and more, it is Wonderland for your young people today. I'm so old, I’m 70 now. I remember the sixties. The sixties literally were Alice in Wonderland. Everything gets changed. Actually, you can think through that idea now. The sixties and “Alice’s Restaurant” was a theme song. You can be anything you want at Alice's Restaurant. Really the whole world has become Alice’s Restaurant in that things really are illusory and do not seem to be what they really are. We are all chasing the Mad Hatter! Or worse yet, we have become the Mad Hatter!!

The second story that really helps, most of us know at least generally is The Emperor’s New Clothes. You should remember it. A scam artist comes along and convinces the emperor saying, “Hey, I’m going to make you a new set of clothes. You can you take off your old ones”. But the emperor is really naked, and nobody really wants to burst his bubble. The artist, however, said, “Oh, yeah, emperor, these are really great clothes. You really look great.” Nobody wants to be the one who goes, “You know, you're naked, and you do not really have anything on, and this is really ridiculous.” So you remember, he’s in a parade, and of course, the little boy is the one who says, “Hey, the emperor has no clothes.” And that’s where the trouble begins. Today our culture really has no moral clothes, and Christians are the ones who are standing, pointing, and saying, “Hey you are naked in more ways than one. You're naked physically, but you are also naked because you have no defense before the living God.”

Today in Western culture, everyone is responding strangely to this whole issue of gender and sexuality. Today a federal judge would say to a man who claims to be a woman born in a man’s body that he can change his birth certificate and claim his identity as non-binary. In fact, it’s not just male or female – those are not the only choices, you can be whatever you want. The reality is that western culture is on a bad acid trip. We have taken cultural LSD, and we are hallucinating all over the place. As Christians, we have to ...

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