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Journal: Southern Baptist Journal of Theology
Volume: SBJT 10:2 (Summer 2006)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

BibleWorks 7. 2006, $349.00.

With the recent release of version 7, BibleWorks continues to deliver a premium Bible software product. This program is the leader in original-language search capabilities, intuitive utility, and speed.

As with earlier versions, Bible-Works 7 provides the user with a graphical interface that allows the user quickly to compare various Bible translations, obtain parsing information, access lexicon entries, and perform both simple concordance-type searches and complex grammatical-morphological inquiries. One great strength of the BibleWorks program is the multiple ways that a user can perform the same function. For example, the same search can be done with a drop-down menu, a button, or a right-click mouse option. Some common functions can actually be performed in five or more ways (e.g., changing the Bible version being searched). Thus, even if one forgets how to do something with the software, it is relatively easy to discover the function without resorting to more formalized help. If needed, however, the “help” functions in BibleWorks 7 are excellent—providing context-sensitive assistance within the program, as well as various video training modules and tutorials (all included in base price of the program). I have also found the BibleWorks staff to be pleasantly eager to explain their program and help with any challenges.

Though it took me a few days to get used to it, the simplified user interface of version 7 is a real improvement. The program has dropped the Beginner and Intermediate User Modes and streamlined the (formerly-titled) Power User Mode. Also, the incorporation of the morphology assistant function into the command line itself is a nice feature.

A few other welcomed additions to version 7 include: editable grammatical diagrams of the entire Greek New Testament, lexicon of the Septuagint by Lust, Holladay’s concise Hebrew lexicon, full morphological tagging of the Greek Apostolic Fathers, improved flash-card capabilities with sound files, satellite maps of biblically-significant regions, the ability to search multiple Bible translations at the same time, a more functional editor window (i.e., a notepad or word processor within the program), Metzger’s Textual Commentary of the Greek New Testament, and the works of Philo with morphological tagging. All of the items listed above are included in the base price. Many high-quality additional modules can be purchased, including Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament ($119.00) and Moulton & Milligan ($24.99).

I continue to recommend Bible-Works to my students as the Bible software I use regularly and prefer.

Robert L. Plummer

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