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Journal: Southern Baptist Journal of Theology
Volume: SBJT 10:4 (Winter 2006)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Accordance 6.9. Scholars Collection CD. By Oak Tree Software, Inc. 2006. Core bundle price, $199.00.

As a professor of Greek and a member of the first generation to grow up regularly using computers, I have long taken an interest in Bible software programs. I have led training seminars on Bible software at my seminary and have written several reviews on PC-based Bible study software. For the PC, I favor Bible-Works for original language search capabilities, intuitive utility, and speed (see I have, however, always heard Apple users brag about the excellent Accordance Bible software. I jumped at the recent opportunity of surveying this product. I had to run the Accordance software with a “Macintosh Emulator” program on my PC laptop, so the software ran slower than on a Mac. Also, my PC initially lacked the Apple Quicktime software necessary to run the training DVD’s. And, while I used a Macintosh in college and seminary, I found that the past ten years on a PC have caused me to forget some of the peculiarities of the Macintosh operating system. I used to find the Mac more intuitive than Microsoft Windows. I see, however, that there would be a learning curve to return to Apple. These initial hurdles give me pause in suggesting this software to any PC users. Based on what I have seen, I still recommend BibleWorks to all PC users. For Apple users, however, I think the story is quite different.

Unquestionably, the Accordance software is well-designed with an intuitive interface that allows multiple Bible texts and translations to be compared, as well as the quick referencing of lexicons and other tools. Before watching any of the training DVD, I found myself able to access the texts and lexicons with little difficulty. After a few DVD training sessions, my ability with the program increased dramatically. This is a good reminder that no matter how intuitive a software program claims to be, there is always a period of learning. The more time initially spent in learning the peculiarities of a program, the more intuitively-accessible and useful it will be in the long-run.

Included in the program’s core bundle ($199) are morphologically-tagged NA27 and BHS texts, Louw & Nida, Thayer, BDB, and one modern Bible translation. This core bundle costs $199. Additional lexicons, texts, and reference works can be unlocked individually, or one can unlock the entire staggering array of Scholar’s Collection resources for $1,799! (I am reviewing only the “Scholar’s Collection,” but Accordance also has other Bible study resources available on a multitude of additional CDs.)

I was surprised at the excellent selection of optional texts available to Accordance users. Of all the Bible study software I have seen, Acco...

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