Editorial -- By: Richard L. Mayhue

Journal: Masters Seminary Journal
Volume: TMSJ 02:2 (Fall 1991)
Article: Editorial
Author: Richard L. Mayhue


Richard L. Mayhue

Welcome to the Fall 1991 edition of The Masters Seminary Journal. We consider you, our readers, to be special friends who deserve nothing less than the very best we can offer. The four present articles represent our choice of material on your behalf We pray that your ministry will be enriched by them:

  • An Old Testament Pattern for Expository Preaching
  • Must Expository Preaching Always Be Book Studies? Some Alternatives
  • Fallible New Testament Prophecy/Prophets? A Critique of Wayne Grudem’s Hypothesis
  • The Relationship between Exegesis and Expository Preaching

You have noticed that this issue focuses heavily on the subject of “exposition,” a theme that has occupied much of our faculty’s attention over the past year. We have just completed the faculty-written manuscript for Rediscovering Expository Preaching: The Whats, Whys and How Tos of Bible Exposition, and anticipate its release by Word Publishing in May, 1992. We trust that all aspiri expositors, whether in-training or in-ministry, will be able to find it profitable. The fourfold aim of Rediscovering Expository Preaching is

1. To clarify the need for and meaning of expository preaching, i.e., to answer the question, ““at is expository preaching?”

2. To verify the theological and historical demand for expository preaching, i.e., to answer the question, “Why insist on expository preaching?”

3. To specify the essential elements and steps involved in preparation for and participation in expository preaching, i.e., to answer the question, “How does one do expository preaching?”

4. To exemplify the reality of expository preaching, i.e., to answer the question, ““o have been or are promoters and practitioners of expository preaching?”

The faculty has also been busy with other writing projects. Dr. MacArthur expects his forthcoming book Charismatic Chaos to be released by Zondervan in February, 1992. Moody magazine will publish a five-part exposition of the Song of Solomon which I have written

(Oct 91-Feb 92). Bibliotheca Sacra has given January, 1992 as its date for publishing Dr. Robert Thomas’ article “Prophecy Rediscovered? A Review of The Gift of Prophecy in the New Testament and Today.” Dr. Thomas also anticipates a May, 1992 publication date for his Volume 1 in a planned two-volume set on the book of Revelation for the Wycliffe Exegetical Commentary series (Moody Press). Dr. Zemek and I furnished essays on “l Corinthians You must have a subscription and be logged in to read the entire article.
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