Editorial -- By: Richard L. Mayhue

Journal: Masters Seminary Journal
Volume: TMSJ 10:1 (Spring 1999)
Article: Editorial
Author: Richard L. Mayhue


Richard L. Mayhue

This issue of The Master’s Seminary Journal contains a delightful first in its ten-year publishing history - a Festschrift honoring our distinguished Professor of New Testament, Dr. Robert Lewis Thomas. Less than a year ago, his colleagues helped him to celebrate his seventieth birthday; this school year of 1998–1999 marks his fortieth year of teaching at the seminary level (1959–1987 at Talbot Theological Seminary; 1987–1999 at The Master’s Seminary); and this issue inaugurates Dr. Thomas’ tenth year of service as Executive Editor of The Master’s Seminary Journal. These are more than sufficient milestones to deserve such an honor as this.

Over the past four decades, Dr. Thomas has been a notable achiever as an internationally recognized New Testament scholar, demanding teacher, Bible translator, meticulous editor, and past President of the Evangelical Theological Society. Additionally, he has authored, contributed to, or edited at least sixteen books and over forty periodical articles. Somehow, beyond his bustling scholastic endeavors, Bob has also managed to enjoy forty-five years of marriage to Joan, raise five children, and keep up with eleven grandchildren.

Although he is in his seventy-first year (cf. Ps 90:10), Dr. Thomas does not appear to be slowing down. He continues to put both admiration and fear into the hearts of his students, to “Thomasize” (translated “precisely edit”) TMSJ articles for his colleagues, and to put in print what the Lord has (and is) teaching him through his meticulous study of Scripture.

A wide range of people have written for this tribute to our beloved Dr. Thomas. His life history has been chronicled by son, Bob Jr., and his writings noted by TMS librarian, Dennis Swanson. Seven articles, which have been penned by former students or current colleagues who now serve as pastors or professors, reflect the breadth and depth of impact from Dr. Thomas’ teaching career. Additionally, three remembrances come from former students who are now his associates at TMS.

Dr. Thomas, we affectionately salute you and your remarkable ministry to the glory of God!

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