Bibliography Of Works On Open Theism -- By: Dennis M. Swanson

Journal: Masters Seminary Journal
Volume: TMSJ 12:2 (Fall 2001)
Article: Bibliography Of Works On Open Theism
Author: Dennis M. Swanson

Bibliography Of Works On Open Theism

Compiled by

Dennis M. Swanson

Seminary Librarian

Earlier pages of this issue of The Master’s Seminary Journal contain articles on Open Theism, a relative new field also known as openness theology and the openness of God. The following bibliography represents the collected research of the articles’ authors and some additional sources that were discovered, but not cited in the articles. Its five sections are (1) R eference Works, (2) Systematic Theologies, (3) Monographs and Multi-Author Works, (4) Journal Articles, (5) Unpublished Materials. This listing is not exhaustive, but will serve as a foundation for readers desiring to pursue the study further.

Reference Works (including lexical entries)

Butterworth, Mike. “<jn” In New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology & Exegesis, 5 vols. Ed. by Willem A. VanGemeren, 3:81-83. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1997.

Simeon-Yofre, H., and H.-J. Fabry. “<jn” In Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament. Ed. by G. Johannes Botterweck, Helmer Ringgren, and Heinz-Josef Fabry, trans. by David E. Green, 9:340-55. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1998.

Stoebe, H. J. “<jn” In Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament, 3 vols. Ed. by Ernst Jenni and Claus Westermann, trans. by Mark E. Biddle, 2:734-39. Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson, 1997.

Systematic Theologies

(Note: the section below is simply a representative sampling of systematic theologies since all such works deal with theology proper).

Berkouwer, G. C. The Providence of God. Studies in Dogmatics. Reprint of 1952 ed. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1983.

Ames, William. The Marrow of Theology. Trans. by John Dykstra Eusden. Durham, N. C.: Labyrinth, 1983.

Boyce, James P. Abstract of Systematic Theology. Nashville: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1887.

Calvin, John. Institutes of the Christian Religion. Ed. by John T. McNeill. Philadelphia: Westminster, 1960.

Chafer, Lewis S. Systematic Theology. Dallas: Dallas Theological Seminary, 1947.

Dabney, R. L. Systematic Theology. St. Louis: Presbyterian Publishing Company of St. Louis, 1878. Reprint; Carlisle, Pa.: Banner of Truth, 1985.

Enns, Paul. The Moody Handbook of Theology. Chicago: Moody, 1989.

Erickson, Millard J. Christian Theology. Grand Rapids: Bake...

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