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Journal: Masters Seminary Journal
Volume: TMSJ 12:2 (Fall 2001)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Kenton C. Anderson. Preaching with Conviction: Connecting with Postmodern Listeners. Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2001. 160 pp. $10.99 (paper). Reviewed by Alex D. Montoya, Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries.

Preaching with Conviction is the third in a series of books published by Kregel as sources to help modern preachers address the needs of their congregations. Dr. Kenton C. Anderson is dean and assistant professor of applied theology at ACTS Seminaries. He also served in the pastorate.

The book is written in a novel format which quickly arrests attention and keeps it to the very end. The story line is about a small town preacher who is questioning the validity of the message as well as the medium of preaching as a way to impact human nature. Caught in the tide of postmodern thinking, the community in which the preacher finds himself challenges his basic presupposition concerning the message preached.

The dialogues in the novel revolve around the basic components of preaching:

First Stage: Discovery (The Message)
Second Stage: Construction (The Sermon)
Third Stage: Assimilation (Unction)
Fourth Stage: Delivery (The Event)

The other two chapters deal with the problem of postmodernism and a discussion of the theology of preaching.

The reader should keep in mind that all is done in the context of a novel. To this reviewer, the approach was effective as well as entertaining. It challenges the preacher to stick to his convictions, both about the message and about the task of preaching.

Cyril J. Barber. The Books of Samuel, vol. 2. Neptune, N.J.: Loizeaux, 2000. 431 pp. $24.99 (cloth). Reviewed by James E. Rosscup, Professor of Bible Exposition.

This volume on 2 Samuel is from the author of Judges, A Narrative of God’s Power and The Books of Samuel, vol. 1, on 1 Samuel. He also is well-known for his work The Minister’s Library, which he has periodically updated since the

early 1970s. More recently he coauthored An Introduction to Theological Research.

The focus in the present work is on the theme of God’s sovereign faithfulness in establishing the kingdom and raising up prophets, priests, and kings, as He deals with the unfaithfulness of mankind (13). Barber outlines 2 Samuel in six divisions to reflect this emphasis. His twenty-three chapters on the twenty-four chapters of 2 Samuel sometimes deal with more than one biblical chapter at a time. At the rear of the commentary he offers chapter notes and indexes on Scripture, persons, and titles. He draws his chapter note...

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