Bibliography of Works on Pretribulationism -- By: Dennis M. Swanson

Journal: Masters Seminary Journal
Volume: TMSJ 13:2 (Fall 2002)
Article: Bibliography of Works on Pretribulationism
Author: Dennis M. Swanson

Bibliography of Works on Pretribulationism

Dennis M. Swanson

Seminary Librarian

The subjects of eschatology in general and various positions on the rapture in particular have generated an enormous body of literature in the last century. This bibliography represents the collected research of contributors to this issue of TMSJ as well as additional sources not cited in the articles. To affirm pretribulationism, a response to points raised by other positions is necessary. As a general rule, writings related to the return of Christ to the earth and the millennium have not been included unless they deal with the timing of the rapture also. This bibliography is not exhaustive, but rather suggestive for those wishing to do additional study.

The bibliography’s six major categories are (1) General and Introductory Works, (2) Biblical Commentaries, (3) Works on Posttribulationalism, (4) Works on Midtribulationalism, (5) Works on Pre-Wrath Rapturism, and (6) Works on Pretribulationalism. Each section contains monographs, multi-author works, journal articles, and unpublished material, all listed by author.

General and Introductory Works

Abrahamse, Dorothy deF. “Introduction,” in The Byzantine Apocalyptic Tradition, Paul J. Alexander. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California, 1985.

Alexander, Paul J. “The Diffusion of Byzantine Apocalypses in the Medieval West and the Beginnings of Joachimism,” in Prophecy and Millenarianism: Essays in Honour of Marjorie Reeves. Edited by Ann Williams. Essex: Longman, 1980. 58–95.

Balthasar Hubmaier. “Apologia,” Balthasar Hubmaier, Theologian of Anabaptism.Translated and edited by H. Wayne Pipkin and John H. Yoder. Scottdale, Pa.: Herald, 1989.

Beker, J. Christiaan. Paul’s Apocalyptic Gospel. Philadelphia: Fortress, 1982.

Benware, Paul N. Understanding End Times Prophecy. Chicago: Moody, 1995. Bernard, Thomas Dehany. The Progress of Doctrine in the New Testament, Eight Lectures delivered before the University of Oxford on The Bampton Foundation, 1864. New York: American Tract Society, 1891.

Clark, K. W. “Realized Eschatology,” JBL 59 (September 1940): 367–83.

Clouse, Robert G. “Millennialism in the Seventeenth Century.” Grace Journal 6 (1965):3-15.

Clouse, Robert G. “Rapture of the Church,” in Evangelical Dictionary of Theology. Edited by Walter A. Elwell. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1984.

Coad, F. Roy. A History of the Brethren Movement. Greenwood, ...

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