Books Received -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Trinity Journal
Volume: TRINJ 24:1 (Spring 2003)
Article: Books Received
Author: Anonymous

Books Received

Notice here neither implies nor precludes review in a subsequent volume.

ALEXANDER, T. DESMOND, and DAVID W. BAKER, eds. Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch. Downers Grove: InterVarsity, 2003.

AVIS, PAUL. Anglicanism and the Christian Church. New York: T & T Clark, 2002.

BAIRD, WILLIAM. History of New Testament Research. Vol. 2: From Jonathan Edwards to Rudolf Bultmann. Minneapolis: Fortress, 2003.

BERG, JIM. Created For His Glory. God’s Purpose For Redeeming Your Life. Greenville, SC: Bob Jones University Press, 2002.

BLACK, DAVID ALAN, ed. Rethinking New Testament Textual Criticism. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2002.

BLASI, ANTHONY J., JEAN DUHAIME, and PAUL-ANDRÉ TURCOTTE. Handbook of Early Christianity: Social Science Approaches. Walnut Creek, CA: Altamira, 2002.

BOCK, DARRELL L. Jesus According to Scripture. Restoring the Portrait From the Gospels. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2002.

BOCKMUEHL, MARKUS, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Jesus. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001.

BODEL, JOHN, ed. Epigraphic Evidence. New York: Routledge, 2001.

BURKETT, DELBERT. An Introduction to the New Testament and the Origins of Christianity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002.

CARSON, D.A., ed. Worship By the Book. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2002.

CHISHOLM, ROBERT B., JR. Handbook on the Prophets. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2002.

COHEN, SHAYE J. D. Josephus in Galilee and Rome. Boston: Brill, 2002

COLEMAN, SIMON. The Globalisation of Charismatic Christianity: Spreading the Gospel of Prosperity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000.

DONFRIED, KARL PAUL. Paul, Thessalonica, and Early Christianity. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2002.

FERNANDO, AJITH. Jesus Driven Ministry. Wheaton: Crossway, 2002.

. Spiritual Living in a Secular World. Grand Rapids: Monarch, 2002.

FRIEDMANN, DANIEL. To Kill and Take Possession: Law, Morality, and Society in Biblical Stories. Peabody: Hendrickson, 2002.

GANGEL, KENNETH O. Joshua. Holman Old Testament Commentary, Vol. 4. Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 2002.

GATHERCOLE, SIMON J. Where is Boasting? Early Jewish Soteriology and Paul’s Response in Romans 1–5. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2002.

GLOVER, T. R. Paul of Tarsus. Peabody: Hendrickson, 2002....

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