The Tyndale Library -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Tyndale Bulletin
Volume: TYNBUL 11:1 (Oct 1962)
Article: The Tyndale Library
Author: Anonymous

The Tyndale Library

The Tyndale Library was founded in 1944 to provide a residential centre for post-graduate students and others engaged in research in biblical subjects. The Library is not planned for general theological studies (though it can, of course, provide a good deal of assistance for those interested in such studies). Its specific aim is to help those who engage in research, and there tends accordingly to be an emphasis on source material such as books from ancient times, inscriptions, papyri and other similar materials. The Library is also strong in lexicons, commentaries and the like.

Conditions For Admission

The Library is open to all members of the Tyndale Fellowship and to residents of Tyndale House. Readers Tickets are also granted to other serious students and many take advantage of this provision. Applications for residence are made to the Warden. It is widely known that men proceeding to degrees in theological research are eligible as residents, but it is perhaps not as widely known that the facilities of the House are also open to evangelical students who are not engaged in any degree but are simply following a particular line of research or writing. Degree students, of course, stay for lengthy periods, but ministers and others often find it profitable to spend a much shorter time at the House.

The Library is open throughout the year except for Sundays, Bank Holidays, and for a period of two weeks during the summer.

Research Grants

A number of grants are available to assist students carry out approved research projects. Usually they are required to engage in specifically biblical research. For further information application should be made to the Warden.

Friends Of Tyndale House

Those who subscribe to the upkeep of the Library are numbered among the Friends of Tyndale House. They receive copies of the Bulletin. An Annual Meeting of the Friends is held at the House usually on the second Saturday in October.

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