Tyndale Lecture In Biblical Archaeology -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Tyndale Bulletin
Volume: TYNBUL 13:1 (Oct 1963)
Article: Tyndale Lecture In Biblical Archaeology
Author: Anonymous

Tyndale Lecture In Biblical Archaeology

Beginning with this year’s Lecture the Australian Institute of Archaeology has agreed to sponsor the Tyndale Lecture in Biblical Archaeology. The Institute is most anxious to encourage research in Biblical Archaeology and it has undertaken to meet all the expenses in connection with the annual Tyndale Lecture, which will be an encouragement to all those interested in the contribution archaeology makes to the elucidation of the Scriptures. We are most grateful to the Australian Institute of Archaeology for this tangible expression of their interest and support.

Day Conference For Sixth Formers

During the last couple of years some very profitable day conferences have been held for sixth formers. The idea is to interest boy and girls in sixth forms in the possibility of doing biblical research after they graduate. In the past potential research students have sometimes been handicapped by not having done the right courses at the University. It is felt that there is value in drawing attention to the facilities available for research, to the kind of problems that may be tackled, and to the kind of University courses which are useful for people engaging in biblical and theological research. The conferences so far have been held in London and Manchester. The usual procedure is to have addresses by Old Testament and New Testament scholars and to arrange a visit to the British Museum for the London Conference, and to the Rylands Library for that at Manchester.

Every effort is made to draw the attention of suitable sixth formers to these conferences. But we appreciate that there are probably many whom we have no means of contacting. Should readers of this Bulletin know of people who would profit from attending they are invited to submit their names to the Warden of Tyndale. House so that arrangements can be made for invitations to be issued.

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