Bibliographies Of Scholars: Resources Of Tyndale Library -- By: Colin J. Hemer

Journal: Tyndale Bulletin
Volume: TYNBUL 33:1 (NA 1982)
Article: Bibliographies Of Scholars: Resources Of Tyndale Library
Author: Colin J. Hemer

Bibliographies Of Scholars: Resources Of Tyndale Library

Colin J. Hemer

The following list indexes bibliographies of the writings of individual scholars, as collected from Festschriften, journals and other occasional published or unpublished sources. All the items listed are permanently accessible in Tyndale Library, Cambridge, and focus upon Biblical and related studies, in which the Library specializes. It is not possible to make exhaustive search, and there are doubtless omissions, but it is hoped that this list will be a useful tool for Biblical and theological research.

For the New Testament the reader is referred also to J. C. Hurd’s valuable Bibliography of New Testament Bibliographies (Seabury Press: New York, 1966), which includes a biographical section on individual scholars and gives notice of bibliographies of some of these. Many of his entries refer to biographies or older issues of journals than are held here: such are the important bibliographies of W. Bauer, Behm, Dibelius (supplementary), Kittel, Klostermann, Schniewind and Windisch in TLZ. But the large majority even of New Testament items here is not in Hurd: there has been a proliferation of Festschriften in the last fifteen years, and most of them list publications. Inevitably, many famous names are still unrepresented, and scholars of earlier generations predominate where current work is not yet listed.

It may normally be taken that the listings cited are substantially complete at least for the scholar’s technical books and articles. Arrangement is usually either chronological by years or classified by type, subject or journal. Some items are fragmentary or supplementary, selective or otherwise limited, or omit reviews. A few of the most comprehensive are elaborately indexed. Notes on such points are appended where the information is not apparent and may assist or caution the researcher. Sometimes, where our entry only supplements an earlier bibliography not held in the library, I have added brief parenthetic reference

to the earlier publication and verified it elsewhere, for fragmentary allusion to a mere appendage will unnecessarily frustrate rather than serve the researcher. I have occasionally chosen to omit a brief item which adds nothing of consequence to the documentation of the scholar.

ABBOTT: Miroslav Krek, ‘Nabia Abbott’s Published Works: A Chronological Bibliography’, JNES 40 (1981) 165-172.

ADCOCK: ‘Bibliography of the Published Writings of Sir Frank Adcock’, JRS 56 (1966) xiii-xv [chronol., not reviews].

ALAND: Beate Köster and Christian Uhlig, ‘Bibliographie Kurt...

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