A Revision Of A Revision -- By: John H. Skilton

Journal: Westminster Theological Journal
Volume: WTJ 08:1 (Nov 1945)
Article: A Revision Of A Revision
Author: John H. Skilton

A Revision Of A Revisiona

John H. Skilton

THE English version of the New Testament published in 1941, edited by Roman Catholic scholars under the patronage of the Episcopal Committee of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine,1 is not only a translation of a translation, as was observed in a previous article,2 but is also a revision of a revision. It is introduced on its title page as a revision of “the Challoner-Rheims Version” — that is to say, as a revision of Bishop Challoner’s revision of the Rheims New Testament.

The Rheims New Testament, published in 1582,3 although not without virtues, was marked by some serious defects which from the beginning called for correction. It was a Latinate and literal translation. It had a considerable fund of Latin words, its style was un-English, and it was not without obscurity and ambiguity. It contained such words and expressions

as Corbana, Pasche, Azymes, the bread of Proposition, neophyte, depositum, exinanited, reflorished, odible to God, longanimite, exacerbation, abstracted, archi-synagogue, commersations, contristate, the dominical day, invocated, donanes, agnition, superedified, and prefinition of worlds. Its nature is indicated by a few verses quoted by Westcott:4

“Rom. v. 18 Therfore as by the offence of one, vnto al men to condemnation: so also by the iustice of one, vnto al men to iustification of life.

“Rom vi. 13 Exhibite your selues to God as of dead men, aliue.

“Rom. vii. 23 I see another law in my members, repugning to the law of my minde, and captiuing me in the law of sinne that is in my members.

“Rom. viii. 18 I thinke that the passions of this time are not condigne to the glorie to come.

“Rom. ix. 28 For, consummating a word, and abbridging it in equitie: because a word abbridged shal our Lord make vpon the earth.

“Eph. vi. 12 Our wrestling is ... against Princes and Potestats, against the rectors of the world of this darkenes, against the spirituals of wickednes in the celestials.

“Heb. xiii.

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